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Alt 24-08-2007 #1
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How to Draw Baby Animals
Troll Communications | ISBN 0893756857 | 1997-08-01 | PDF | 344 pages | 3.8MB
It is a great book for children who like to draw. There are many baby animals in this book. There is a little story and step-by-step instructions for each baby animal.


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How to Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villains by Christopher Hart (Author)
Publisher: Watson-Guptill (September 1, 1995) | ISBN-10: 0823022455 | PDF | 20 Mb | 144 pages
Gr. 10 and up. Bursting with full-color art from the likes of Frank McLaughlin (Superman) and Gray Morrow (Power Rangers), this how-to is for young adults seriously interested in illustrating comic books--the superhero type. It's generally less informative than Pellowski's book, also reviewed in this issue, and because the buxom beauties shown are occasionally in the nude, it's for an older audience.
No stranger to comics (this is his fourth book on the subject), Hart introduces readers to a host of larger-than-life heroes, heroines, and villains, and, using an abundance of black-and-white sketches, demonstrates how to draw them, costume and equip them, and make them spring into action in traditional superhero fashion. The last two chapters, illustrated in a style reminiscent of family comic strips, use words and pictures to explain the comic book creation process and supply tips on job hunting in the biz.


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How to Draw Anime for Beginner by Trung Le (Author)
Publisher: Trung Le (August 2001) | ISBN-10: 0968966306 | PDF | 5,7 Mb | 153 pages
The purpose of this book was to show how one could change their current cartoon style into anime style. It will teach you the basic concepts of drawing anime characters.
This book is divided into three parts: Anatomy, Basic Drawing and Advance Drawing.


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Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm (Author)
Publisher: Perigee Trade; New Ed edition (January 15, 1983) | ISBN-10: 0399507914 | PDF | 163 Mb | 128 pages

This book is one of the best how to draw human figure books ever made. This contains so much information in so little pages. I just wished there was more on foreshortening and capturing the flow of the body, since I'm interested in animation.
If you get any book pertaining to drawing the human figure of any type make sure you get this book! it covers everything, even down to bone and muscle structure for drawing very realisticly, this book may be old but that makes no difference it is one of the greatest books ever, it shows you different styles for putting a person together from scratch, and combining all of those styles after only 2 days with this book by drawing skill has gone up atleast 10 fold.

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Pencil Drawing Techniques by David Lewis (Author)
Publisher: Watson-Guptill (April 1, 1984) | ISBN-10: 0823039919 | PDF | 38 Mb | 144 pages


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How To Draw Manga Volume 23 : Illustrating Battles | PDF | 77.1MB

Battle scenes are inspired for drawing manga. Focusing on Chinese martial arts, pro-wrestling techniques, Akido and other fighting arts, this book covers most types of fighting scenes that appear in manga.

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