URSoft Your Uninstaller! PRO v7.3.2011.02

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URSoft Your Uninstaller! PRO v7.3.2011.02
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URSoft Your Uninstaller! PRO v7.3.2011.02

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URSoft Your Uninstaller! PRO v7.3.2011.02 | 6 Mb
Your Uninstaller! - An indispensable tool for uninstalling applications installed on your computer. It is a replacement standard dialogue Add / Remove Programs Windows. In this work about 5-10 times faster. It can show the appropriate application icons. There is a search function applications by keyword. Your Uninstaller! automatically detects broken registry keys and delete them on your solution. It is possible manually delete entries about installed programs from the registry. The program is well conceived and organized a multilanguage interface. There is a useful feature for users who are faced with HotBar. Sometimes, even if the application was uninstalled, the Toolbar is in your Internet Explorer, Your Uninstaller! can get rid of any part of HotBar. The program also removes from the register of spies, known as Ad-ware, exported to print a list of installed programs and much more ...

Key features:
"Completely remove installed apps
"Deep scan registry and hard drive for invalid entries and unnecessary files
"Remove programs that could not be removed through a standard or Remove Programs
"Removal of screen savers (in PRO version)
"Removal of traces of Internet activity
"Backing up the system registry and restore
"Managing the registry keys
"Built-in hard drive cleaner that allows you to find and remove unnecessary files on your hard drive (in PRO version)
"Built-in cleaner context menu Internet Explorer (in PRO version)
"Built-in Startup Manager (in PRO version)
"Correct or delete incorrect shortcuts on the desktop and the" Start "menu
"Get detailed information about installed applications
"Backing up and restoring information about installed applications
"Removing a simple drag and drop application icons in the window
"The list of installed applications with the original icons of the programs
"The powerful search programs for their subsequent removal
"Automatic detection of improperly installed programs and delete them in one click with the mouse
"Fast execution speed of the program - is 5-10 times faster than the standard manager to uninstall the Windows XP
"Export program list to a file or print
"And many other possibilities ...




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