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Fitted Pearl Art, psoriasis What is it, to draw the motif pearl, pearl Material Maintenance and Repa

Tezhip - Fitted Pearl Art, psoriasis What is it, to draw the motif pearl, pearl Material Maintenance and Repa ...

Fitted Pearl Art, psoriasis What is it, to draw the motif pearl, pearl Material Maintenance and Repa
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Fitted Pearl Art, psoriasis What is it, to draw the motif pearl, pearl Material Maintenance and Repa

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Pearl; Simplicity, pırıltılık, the most valuable object ... 15th Century, since today pearl adorning the mankind's most precious memories are still dazzling in every moment as antique auctions with full splendor.
Pearl; sometimes, sometimes the cane-length mirror in the Koran and sometimes housing. our most precious goods, and our daughters dowry chests, the throne of the sultan, our mosques, our most precious materials we decorate our homes with it.
Today, almost no less than the decorative arts are more ettirmekt. Unfortunately, this emerging technology was clearly the decorative arts. Chemical industry mechanization and artificial pearl producing our people left unemployed. If you remember my earlier that no one string after spending effort on behalf of handicrafts produced by the art you produce what does not give the antique features. Have you ever seen the television in the auction? a chair made from the most simple CNC machine or sold as an antique coffee table!. Even some of the materials from the hands of masters to the fore and the price is quite high.
Z of the I want to give information about the pearl inlaid art from the first article in this series to have kept flashing in my face. You know that is the main aim is to flash the verge of becoming a living crafts door endearing to everyone.

Pearl; mussels, clams with shells in the shell of the sea and land turtles and used in sedefçilik hard, white and rainbow glitter, a substance called nacre, which is phosphoric feature. Pearl is also the person who committed the Sedefkâr (Sedefçi) is called.
With psoriasis have a pure and clear image is an attractive ornamental items. Psoriasis is therefore used as a material in itself as a decoration materials in other branches of art. Wood carvings of gold, with silver, emeralds, rubies, anywhere with precious stones such as garnet shows itself with a pleasant work in all areas.
Pearl inlaid with Ottoman art are common to all civilizations. 19.y.y and 20.y.y; European wood art to the interest decreases, sculpture, classical concrete structure style the interest increases baroque (using Baroque architecture exaggerated volume and decor are trying to create the glory and power of impact. (See: Architecture Art Styles Mustafa Kemal Bektas) and rococo style (as a reaction against the Baroque style Rococo statement fashioned after the classic style of the re-emergence is used to sense history thing. curve as baroque lines spidery is composed of striped pattern is a more elegant style folds thinner and shape of the Baroque.) wooden influenced architecture has been used less. in parallel, pearling embroidered artifacts are reduced.
Pearl inlaid art has been in demand since the beginning and developed. in the pavilion of the sultan kept boats Koran; The hilt of the Janissaries bed calligrapher inkwell team; Chalabi from kavuklug, Ladies pearl is used almost everywhere until the hoof. our daughter a dowry at the polls, the throne of the sultan, our mosques, our most private things in our homes that are even adorned with mother of pearl inlay. A pearl workshop was founded in the 15th century, including the Topkapi Palace and stored as sedefçilik taught.
Pearls first and foremost a "drawing, art and aesthetic dimensions" Is is not known, the most famous architect of the former palace, we see that also the competence of the art. 16th and 17th centuries, the use of pearl goods in Istanbul for ages has become a fashion. In addition, psoriasis has entered a vengeance in the ornamental architectural elements. The Hagia Sophia Mosque of Murad III's tomb in the graveyard wing doors Submersible Ahmet Aga; Window and door of the Blue Mosque in the wings pearling by architect Mehmet Aga was made famous as builders. Evliya Celebi, talking about the transfer of Murat IV sedefkâr says: "100 shops, 500 nave their localities. Piri Shu'aib Hindi-i ..."
Pearl, Pearls doors, windows, cabinets wings, chair, drawers, QURAN housing, lecterns, tables, sofas, hope chest, full-length mirror, dresuar, coffee table furniture as weapons hilt, clogs, blower, tobacco boxes, coffee team and so on. As it can be seen in the wooden furniture. trees used in pearl inlaid work is usually done with walnuts. The colors are red and various geometric patterns are seen in a combination of motifs used is black.
Pearl, the flowing waters of the warm sea salt is a substance composed of limestone, lime and phosphorus. White, arusek (Arusek: bride bright green pearl embroidery used in) garbage, stones diversification, including psoriasis.
White pearl is bivalves and even more. Although the dominant color is white; light by light blue, pink, green, yellow hues can carry.
Arusek psoriasis; single-skinned and light pink, blue, shades of green.
Refuse dark pearl, it carries more temper and patterns.
The stone pearl, called the less bright white mother of pearl.
Places where psoriasis in general, especially in areas where no collection of elegant pearls. The northern and eastern Australia, Tahiti, Gambier Islands, Mexico's Pacific coast and is plentiful in Madakaskar.
The original psoriasis are known as shells of marine mollusks. these shells can consider a symbol of long life, it can be seen in millions of years of land in the form of fossils. shells of mollusks which grow very large hot seafood are rich sources psoriasis.

Bond (bond, sea and land turtles and protect the whole body in some animal or a portion of the boynuzums or lime örtenek, gnarled shell, ivory, bone, the material used in addition to psoriasis various fillets.), Ivory, bone, various fillet and gold, silver precious metals, such as hammers, chisels, carving tools, iskapil varieties, small carving knives, sandpaper or emery, clamps, saws, files, various dyes used in coloring (shellac etc.), pincers, pliers, wood paints, brushes, pencils, paste adhesives and solid wood used for the construction of avascular (walnut, dark ebony, mahogany, rosewood, etc) .All these are the materials used in sedefkârlık psoriasis master.
These are all embellishment or decoration materials .. tortoiseshell; interests at the expense of large turtles. quotes is a material softened by heat and in the required form. Light and dark yellow, coffee, red-brown, tempering the aesthetic material. Gold leaf is fixed to the bottom. Ivory is a hard, textured material. Fillets and pasted on top of the wood is a decorative element obtained by cutting asked him the appropriate materials. Gold and silver are used in jewelry work, especially today. the pearl decoration material to show the best dark ebony, rosewood, are trees such as walnut and mahogany.
Around the Pearl 1 mm in width and 1 mm in depth in lead-tin wire gravel mixture.
Intarsia on any material that might Scouring the desired shapes carved into the slot opened, placing kakarak job cuts from the same carved into the shape of the other substance. material capable of carving; stone, wood, marble and some mines are available to be processed.
On the inlaid works are located in the architecture according to the task. A mosque in the wing doors, shutters, pulpit, lectern, the wooden parts such as psoriasis on the board, lectern, ivory, tortoiseshell inlaid As seen; still pulpit, altar, lectern and stone walls, marble or other colors or other materials of the same substance on kakılarak also possible to see things done.
Formerly sheet, rod, some items such as cane was always decorated with inlays. According to these types of inlaid gold, silver, pearl or ivory inlaid it said. Knives, swords, daggers, shields were made of gold and adorned with inlaid in weapons such as guns.

Artisans engaged in the art of pearl inlay (Sedefkar) should not necessarily know who the other architectural styles such as art crafts. (See: Architecture Art Styles - Mustafa Kemal Bektas). At the same time the restoration and conservation methods (see: they say decor and design ... the restoration and Mustafa Kemal Bektas on conservation), all the details on Wood and wood (See: What you want to know about Wood - Mustafa Kemal Bektas, Wood (Wood) hand carving and tree types 2015 - Mustafa Kemal Bektas, it also shellac varnish, shellac and antique dealer - Mustafa Kemal Bektas), antique materials, maintenance, restoration and conservation methods (restoration and conservation of antique materials (repair, maintenance and conservation) Mustafa Kemal Bektas) should know better. It should also make the gold leaf decoration. (See: Step by step gold leaf decoration - Mustafa Kemal Bektas) because of pearl inlay art is more stylish with gold and silver leaf combinations.
All of the crafts would not be in haste. Before art pearl inlay that will make you must decide which objects made of. Sedefkâr be a good designer. (See: Decorate and design ... they say on the conservation and restoration - Mustafa Kemal Bektas)
When you look at the Anatolian Seljuk architecture and art style to the works of restoration and conservation techniques, they are good art designer, has a good knowledge of trees create beautiful works that we see a great painting and polishing. Today, unfortunately, we see extremely art and objects made from lack artistic value. Minorities in our country are engaged in this art. They were raising themselves. They just made pearl inlay. But the style of architecture, art and other art unaware. It does doing but artistically debatable value as the current art style.
Ottoman and Seljuk inlaid with mother of pearl inlay in the sample (flush) technical XV. It has emerged in the century; . plastering Following this process (also known as a bonding or coating name) technique has been developed. Pearl labor country, culture, art and can be grouped under different names according to its design and use of space

Pearl labor, both features and motifs and styles in terms of both usage areas are divided into 4 groups;
1. Work pearl Istanbul
2. Damask
3. Vienna work
4. Jerusalem deal ...
The first two characters completely carry the Ottomans; burial or prepared by coating technique "Istanbul's work" in the works; ivory, tortoise shell (turtle diluted) and used auxiliary elements such as bone. Bond under the "golden leaf" is pasted. Sedef and other materials as it is a labor rather than used in geometric forms.
Damascus emerged for damask technique called still flush (inlay) are prepared in known manner. Damascus business "stone pearl" only one side of the thick white mother of pearl and we also will be corrected; Buried on the other side of the container, leaving the tree; pearl of around 1 mm in width and 1 mm in depth in lead-tin wire gravel mixture.
The Vienna business, "Boule" (Synthetic Ruby) next to the name of the metal coating technique consists of pearl pieces placed irregularly. Rather, "arusek" (decorative art used in a wavy green and pink pearl) or the so-called "junk" we know as the pearl-colored breeds where it is used; desk, couch, dresser, buffet, are items such as mirrors.
As for Jerusalem, furniture or technical work ... This is not a technique used in other small items. The conch shell that mosques and other models made on plants and presents itself as animal motifs.

Carved in lime, soft woods like spruce and poplar preferred. Single tree selection climatic conditions of the area to be used while the object should be considered happy. (See: Wood (Wood) hand carving and tree varieties 2015 - Mustafa Kemal Bektas) You will be used in damp places trees might occur if you use soft wood and non-furnace distortion as you work. according to the hardwood channel is opened instead of silver inlaid in gold, brass, pewter nailing was performed. Psoriasis sometimes on wood processing alone. Sometimes it is used in combination with ivory and tortoiseshell. Patterns are drawn on paper made the necessary changes. Drawn these patterns pasted on wood. Motifs steel knives and hammers carefully carved. carved mother of pearl are cut according to the place. I drew from my own experience and my preparing this article. I benefit from a variety of sources with both MEGEP publications. I do not want to go without specifying it. (Source: SVET (Strengthening the Vocational Education and Training System Project) construction technology pearling)

Walnut, dark ebony, mahogany, rosewood and so on. wooden structure on the opening of the slots in various forms, in the same way to cut mother of pearl decorations made by embedding and pasting "pearling" is called. Wood on psoriasis in the dressing obtained directly paste to form various patterns "pearl coating" is called. Mankind has used this attractive material from the moment he first saw probably, beauty, forming, "sedefkârlık" has created a so-called profession. Qualifications are Sedefkâr the last great master in this area, Sedefkârlıg the "wooden decorative art" is defined as. The use of wood along with more psoriasis confirms this recipe. Because hand, there are forms with existing designs and applies them to a pearl Sedefkâr. Calligrapher article writer, illuminator (Illuminator is the name given to those who practice the art of illumination.) Draw a pattern. Artisans falling, without breaking them, the process taking pleasure in their own element.
The measure will make ourselves objects (1/1 scale) we will prepare a draft working paper. You transfer the pattern to the extent that we have prepared a draft paper on the subject. We draw on our use of paper-sized object as a template motif possible. If desired motif pearl transferred onto cardboard and wire parts come pouring templates can be created. Only in this series it is more suitable for production. There is no need to prepare a template for a small number of applications. under the carbon paper we draw motifs (copy) paper, putting paste motif paper box motif drawn on the box so that it falls to the ground.
Let's get through carefully transferred onto the motif motifs out of the box with a pencil
Carefully hammer suitable for sea shell pearl inlay in parts obtained as a result of the break, select the appropriate sized pieces and color in the section on pearl motifs. We cut with pliers, giving parts of the grinding portion should be discarded.

Wheel Motor (Emery Stone) we bring with our choice and the appropriate grit sandpaper to the appropriate size and shape of pearl pieces, keeping the stone motif. Grasp the pearl pieces in small sizes with pliers or tongs holding a stone or emery suited to where we are buried with sandpaper. I'm not keep for a long time to warm up stones to avoid losing the property psoriasis. Meanwhile done by chemical methods are available for psoriasis. We understand that there is genuine pearl them by dipping or by means of a pin or needle to ruin warming. Original pearl pin to sink. Isıtsa just as impenetrable to the nylon.
Pearl Slot and Wire Channel Power Box pearl motif drawn on the outer line of the appropriate diameter with chisels are cut at right angles to the lack of fiber breakage during the engraving process
I boşaltal pearl nacre thickness slots on line using the appropriate motif cut chisels. placing the drained pearl pearl slot will deliver the full settlement of the psoriasis.
Wire to Wire Nailing carved sections of gravel or pen, let's open a specially crafted string with the proper depth to the wire denişlig slot open pens. pearl of around 1 mm in width and 1 mm in depth in lead-tin wire gravel mixture.
To gravel slot silver, hammered into position, starting from the corners of aluminum or copper wire motif we snap into place by applying gentle pulses. Let's stop using the side cutter wire motif end over end.
In the meantime, I want to emphasize the issue of making mistakes. You can make mistakes during pearl inlay work. I made a mistake or did he not fear. You can not learn this art do not make mistakes anyway. Errors made you master made. We though we are dealing with this every day, we can still make the mistake dalarl decoration art. Do not be afraid if you make a mistake do not be afraid. The structure of the human body that are exposed to C. C. God faultless operation even sick. Is not it ! Even huge car factories are also costs to remove defective vehicles after picking errors. You have done mistakes. Too!

Bone glue to paste pieces instead of psoriasis, solid glue or silicone-based adhesive can be used. We provide easier and easier to be applied in terms of silicon based application module we use transparent glue. Psoriasis is not enough glue lot of the slot. Refit psoriasis. Clean the excess glue. Leave the glue to dry pearl piece to the appropriate place. I usually rapid adhesive after accustom instead of proper psoriasis (Patex) sabitliyorum instead. You can paste the desired adhesive. But over the record to fall. Glue in place the structural objects pearl not form enough.

The market is ready for the pastes which can be use to prepare yourself varnish pastes. wood filler and sanding dust as pumice powder, you can also use as an adhesive sealant varnish or shellac. Simply mix the ingredients to prepare the paste to attach a paste. Fill the glue dries and pearl motifs forming the gap between the wire with wood putty. about the paste and dyes (see: painting protect your antiquities, maintenance (restoration and conservation - Mustafa Kemal Bektas) can look to wide string. If you prefer, you can also make your own pulp. Or paste your selection will guide you.
Putty thoroughly dries and hardens after the 100 number to correct the surface by installing water sandpaper to the vibrating sander Sand number 220 water sanding with orbital sander or by covering it with sand wedges hand to the desired surface obtained when until the surface of the disappearance of the sanding marks. Sign sanding is finished after the flatness control surface is clean cloth again. If motifs and surface scratches and gaps Repeat the glazing and No. 220 sanding. Today abrasive technology has changed immensely. Fine sanding sponge or wedges are available in the market.

The nacreous pearl in works such as walnuts and wire used to show his dark precious woods. This coloring can do with wood preservatives as you can do with the land and aniline dyes. about the paint (see: painting protect your antiquities, maintenance (restoration and conservation - Mustafa Kemal Bektas) can look to wide string. If you prefer, you can also make your own paint. What will guide you paint your selection.
To do this: Turn the Ottoman tumbled material thinned with cellulosic material to the desired consistency. bringing the ball into the wipes allows you to thoroughly absorb old Ottoman Empire. The paint on the aging patina that is available as brown and black open the synthetic thinner to thin the color or darker. Market is also available in those thinned with cellulosic thinner or alcohol fool you, this patina. In general, an onion sack and maintained by making Search Search marbled with aging or aluminum wire applied onto acrylic or cellulose paints. It tumbled with gold leaf, if you made it your leaf will be torn down. You now apply the velvet cloth to wipe away the new pearl objects diluted with synthetic thinner. (See our large caption on this topic: step by step gold leaf dekorasyonu- Mustafa Kemal Bektas) recently has increased to a dust patina patina is made by application again with aluminum wire. Again, this method is to have your leaf will be torn region. Color the surface of the material properly with these glands. Ensure the integrity of the color of the surface, taking more than you dampen a cloth with paint and other cellulosic thinner. patina, depending on whether you use synthetic and cellulosic vary thinner used in this cleaning. Pay special attention. If you use the objects in the painting cellulosic (including Acrylic is selülozikd.) If you do that you make you will be broken paint thinner to clean the cellulosic patina. we usually have part of the gold leaf paint, we prefer the cellulosic synthetic. This should do the cleaning and automatically depending on the synthetic thinner. Wood also used in paints and varnishes are cellulosic. In synthetic metals. Pearls paint thinner to clean contaminants on wood overflow thoroughly with a clean cloth.
Ottoman tumbled put jewelry box clean and airy place (varnish rest room) Allow to rest for 24 hours. After drying boxes of aging on your thinning varnishes manufacturers in value with sealers (you can use cellulosic or polyurethane padding). Plump for the rest of the varnish dry box (dry) to get into the room.
Polyurethane sealants and paints a yellow discoloration can sometimes be seen. Therefore, we generally we prefer the acrylic. This is the essence alone in painting. If you are using the same, what kind of paint use the thinner. If you use regular cellulosic thinner acrylic paint that does not mean no paint. If you use acrylic varnish or polyurethane paint thinner will be healthy again you do.
No. 220 sandpaper with water sealant varnish by sanding the surface roughness after dry polishing AVAILABILITY. Surface smoothness value if you do not desired second floor filler and sanding applications.
İmproved, curved and convex surfaces by sanding sealer sanding on flat surfaces, you can skim using aluminum wire (under the expired layer when the polishing process is to invoke the old Ottoman descending color).
Wipe clean the box filler sand dust cloth and clean the box, away from the box using compressed air. Silk matt polyurethane varnish manufacturer based thinned to the extent that the company still recommends that you set your gun lacquer box with varnish on firm value. Do you receive the jewelry box with silk matt lacquer varnish the varnish to dry the varnish rest room. Again I want to stress once more. If you want to leave a permanent stain objects and we recommend that you use acrylic silk matt acrylic lacquer thinner to the extent possible. Alone is to drain one point to pay attention to the acrylic varnish and paint. Therefore, you should do not tilted upright painting. Correct locations with running the polishing paste.

Before you take care and all kinds of objects from hand surely that in order to repair MUSEUM HISTORICAL RECORD OR NOT WORK IS REFER to. Otherwise, you may be charged against the compensation you break the original. Take a picture detail by up to four objects. Glue and glue to close parts of the original wood on it. The maggots are impregnated with drugs and medication. Repair paint horse paint portions without damaging the tissue close to the original. Browse to a wide series of articles on this subject. (See: Protection staining your antiquities, maintenance (restoration and conservation - Mustafa Kemal Bektas) ask the previous image of the object from the owner necessarily work work. Do Author of the declaration in line with work in accordance with the restoration and conservation of the ancient fabric of the work. Changed to records if there is still the original wood texture however it must be replaced to match him.
I have been taking this bus businessmen Mr. Nurullah Ata Arvas brain psoriasis should bury the restoration and conservation-length mirror. Thanks to my series of writing this article I would like Ata Bey said he encouraged me to not forget the art. I will share with you when finished.

Check the size of the pearl putting it on track motifs, set psoriasis direction and the parts will be stoned. Bring suitable motifs understand psoriasis grinding stone holding pliers form. Empty nest pearl nacre thickness equal depth. Check that you make the necessary adjustments to psoriasis fully seated in the slot. You lock the pearl nacre persistent glue slot. Remove part of the glue to dry clean the excess glue with a neat place. Sand pull paste as the track surface.
Where the original wire can be wire nailed to the deteriorating gravel. We got work to repair the wires of the application can perform repairs when describing the process by following the steps described above regarding the opening of wire and wire gravel nest

On the back side of the piece of new structures or other materials in the same feature set Ottoman tumbled hue using cellulose thinners. Mani old Ottoman tint that is captured in the Ottoman Empire plowed material you decide after waiting a little dry. If the desired color tone persistent fidelity caught up in accordance with the material surface by glue, wait to dry instead of part of the Ottoman Mount. Clean the excess glue. Clean and prepare the Ottoman your entire frame with aluminum wire to ensure color uniformity on the surface by driving the whole surface. Clean the Ottoman transmitted over the Pearl thinner cloth with wooden flooding. Leave Ottoman plowed material average of 24 hours to dry.
The manufacturer of cellulosic we deplete the value of your varnish to the surface of the frame using a lacquer spray. Sand the entire surface with sandpaper number 220 in water after dry sanding sealer. Wipe the surface dust wipe surfaces make silk matt varnish application. To prevent the adhesion of dust during the dry varnish by the varnish frame resting room. you Phases Phase gold leaf made about again on this subject (Mustafa Kemal Bektas) staining the protection of your antiquities, maintenance (restoration and conservation (Mustafa Kemal Bektas) to browse my notes. In addition, the above "Staining and varnishing" in I mentioned in detail. However, as a precaution I want to mention that if you are uncomfortable with asthma or if you do not have much knowledge of the chemicals must be careful in terms HEALTH HAZARD you should stay away from even.

Built-in technology made a good design before you must decide which objects made of. You should then make an appropriate selection of psoriasis tree burial techniques. (Walnut, ebony and oak trees, rosewood V. S.) Then the skeleton of the object is created. Create designs drawn on paper are determined to work within the framework of psoriasis to embed on this skeleton. This pattern drawn on paper, glue adhered to transfer onto wood, dark steel floor, while the open ground is drawn with a pencil. Then identify the location of psoriasis, this place is carved in two or three M.M. depth
According to scour the place is pasted cut pearl hot glue. Best adhesives, beating thoroughly after you have made your oyster shell spend a cheesecloth into a fine powder was obtained by making the paste with egg white powder. Master artists would use this type of adhesive. After bonding rough leveling, after all he is fine leveling the embedding process is completed.

Sealing is placed on a specific floor will not be processed until a small pearl in the technical gaps and glue mixed with wood dust and made pastes were filled. Thereafter, until the block with sandpaper before psoriasis and appears rough and fine grading, then the polishing process was also done.
Pearl made their goods to the region, according to some construction details and motifs on technique varies, Eser-I Istanbul, damask, was named Vienna business and job Jerusalem.
The first two characters completely carry the Ottomans; burial or prepared by coating technique "Istanbul's work" in the works; ivory, tortoiseshell and bone is used as auxiliary elements. Bond under 'gold leaf' is attached. Psoriasis and other materials is a rather labor as used in geometric form.
Objects tools they see as an inevitable appeal of the wallpaper for those who like to experiment on. Candlesticks, hangers, panels and frames can pearling.
I share the verge of extinction pearl inlay technique outlined related art with you. I hope that will be useful to you.
He will humble you some suggestions about the crafts:
What you do in the branches of handicrafts will certainly not listen to the negative reaction environment. To make a break like you in mastering this craft have mastered elements. Nobody in the womb does not learn this skill. You can always blind to requirement due to envy your talent. The simplest glass lavoba to a female friend recently called to make gold leaf. In fact, although it is working out principles workshop I went to his house to help him. He was so impatient and have negative feelings I cleaned my work at the end of the command structure and you meet the costs incurred say I left. So do your work outside the studio as much as possible. Make your home a corner but the outside do. This will bring you a confidence. Make the break you'll get to enjoy what you do look at the structure of your home, though you'll see what talents you were standing in reserve. The ability and self-confidence if you criticize those who had already made it work in the event they were. There is a saying "Fruit-bearing trees are stoned" I think you get the idea.
Another issue prying eyes you will always be around you when you start working. Bring along you are introduced by pedantic years trying to teach it to work they will try to teach it to work. If you are a true master teaches the rules of the business. But who is cocky pedantic bellied form itself. Such people ignore the behavior. If you work in an environment where possible precisely such people are. His recognition of the human right to speak. Always you should be following the rule: "I knew this job. Masters with me. If you only knew me as the courage or you'd have done without it yesterday, "you should be able to. Such people are breaking your enthusiasm.
Please note that our society has been seen as people who highlight the ability of people in the genius of childhood. Albert Einstein school of mathematics barely passing year these days can not still solve the theory of relativity in physics. Scientists like Thomas Edison, Raphael, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, painters such as Francisco Goya, Auguste Rodin Leonardo da Vinci sculptors such as Vincenzo Gemito are like psoriasis Mehmet Aga and the emergence of many artisans without rhyme or reason. Unlike your craft is in the stomach of the lion's bread and unemployment is rampant these days it could be your lifeline.
I learned any branch of the crafts at the point where he's quitting. Educate yourself on all of the art work. Combined with the target of being a sought-after artist.
I tried to explain to you the döndüğün of Pearl inlaid art of the period. I hope helpful to you. goodbye friendly stay with you, including me another string.

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