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Of imagination and activities affect the human body

Tezhip - Of imagination and activities affect the human body ...

Of imagination and activities affect the human body
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Of imagination and activities affect the human body

Alt 05 Haziran 2016 #1


Dear friends, today I want you to move on a very different subject. In fact, this issue has made the relationship with my own artistic activities.
I am giving my time to answer questions from you. Questions still compile the information I am giving to you from my own site from other Web sites. All of your questions pushed me to write about it. How will you be successful in telling time. If I open this summer on the horizon you with this matter you have actually I feel very fortunate.
Valentine elder veteran masters of our art, our say:
"It is to deal with art therapy, hand Accustomed you enter the incredible relaxing way to work processes."
Yes this promise and all questions about the information I collected as a result of a long research and activities conducted for many years I am the light of the decoration and antique restoration work information from you now subject Let's open:
I saw the results of my research on the subject; experts can use both halves of the brain dealing with successful children's artistic activities, denoting that they can be passed from one to another as needed.
There is a certain capacity of the human brain. It is genetically determined. But this capacity for the effective utilization There are many things to be done. For example; If a car is not possible to gauge shows 180 kilometers of 200 kph. However, a good car; maintenance and careful usage can be up to speed. It has contributed to the development of artistic activity in the brain.
Right lobe of the brain is influenced by emotions and dreams. The left lobe of the brain places an emphasis on realism. People who use only the left lobe of the brain develops and the lobe of the best, they need to develop the right brain in order to consider productive. Because it provides the productivity of the human right brain. Left brain developed person, if you develop the right brain increases the capacity of the brain. There is no end to learning in the brain.
Reading books is developed along the right and left lobes. Because books were followed by left-sided reading and understanding the concepts are imagined with the right side of the brain. Watching TV right lobe leaves passive. SOLVE THE PUZZLE IS GOOD! Often solve puzzles is the best exercise for the brain to be done.


Implementation of the read visual information, and be seen as a result of experiments in schools better understood. PICTURE RIGHT LOB DEVELOP picture of the student and of working life, music or arts and crafts develop the right lobe. SLEEP COMPUTER STRENGTHEN make plenty of sports, adequate sleep, pay attention to nutrition and especially sports allows the brain to remain strong and vigorous. The brain by destroying the negative thinking makes it easier to learn. DO NOT GO TO BENEFIT ES WATER! Water is also very important for the brain as the body's other organs. Especially in middle and older age lacking water intake, it slows brain function, causing confusion and forgetfulness. To unaffected should drink 1.5 liters of water per day. Brain food generally prefer water that normally uses very little water experts that strongly attract attention.


What are the activities that affect the brain development of her look:
1) Reading books is the most useful method of brain development. Reading books together to watch television for the left and right lobe of the left party followed geliştirir.çünk book reading and understanding the concepts of the right lobe of the right edilir.Bu imagine leaving passive.
2) it is often the best exercises to do for puzzle solving brain.
3) to transition to the implementation of the read data and be seen as a result of visual experiments in school lessons better understood.
4) picture of student and working life, music or acquire the right to develop hobbies such as handcrafted.
5) do plenty of sports, especially sports nutrition care to get enough sleep and allows the brain to remain vigorous and powerful, no negative thoughts by the brain to make it more easy to learn.


Especially nowadays live in major metropolitan cities no factor alone is not a source of stress. Traffic, air pollution, the weight of the working conditions, once the competition ..., factors such as the brain and nervous system adverse etkiler.aşır insomnia along with stress, nervous people intolerance status in getirir.aşır remaining brain yıpranır.fonksiyon under stress with it begins to deteriorate and weaken the ability to govern. for example, the remaining days of sleepless person's memory and ability to think is weakened body resistance drops need to get doctors to help in such cases.
Nervous stress and disrupt the normal functioning of the nervous system biochemical mechanisms. Sometimes it can even cause irreversible damage. exposure to severe shocks is an example of this mental trauma. The substances secreted in the brain by the effect of the adverse event activates other hormones in the body.
Accordingly, the circulation is accelerated, and increased heart beat. People can not stand in place, temporarily reduces the ability to dominate a person's body is weakened brain function so aggressive, breaking things, visible harm to the other party in an unconscious way.

Nervous and when faced with events that may cause stress should do the following.
1-you need to get away from the media found
2. In particular factors such as diabetes and hypertension disease seen in middle-aged to create the ground for the formation of nervous stress. Nerve and causes stress and rising blood pressure and diabetes that can not be recycled in the brain or disability resulting damage (due to hypertension cerebral hemorrhage, etc.), constitute.
3-exit and fresh air to breathe deeply and thoughts must turn to the other side.
4-sense results in uncontrolled it is useful to begin a medical treatment will damage the functioning of the brain deteriorate and other systems. If you are bored of the same routine and life goes on, you need to force the differentiation of life and leave your brain habits. This will bring you happiness along with relaxation as well as mental fitness. There is also the artistic activities but to differentiate life. Artistic activities is a therapy to the body.
I'm using my left hand, which is interesting against those asked me the other hand, there is a drawback to this art? Question is.
The ability and mental sense that the left-handed have the superior virtues are now known and recognized by everyone. Because people use the right hand, just being able to control the right side of the brain, left-handed and can dominate on both the part of the brain.
Left-handed (left-handed) improve their ability to be able to use the function on behalf of their hands and thus more artistic and sports activities are more successful. Why use your left hand on your artistic activities are affected in a negative direction!.
Art, it is a phenomenon that has existed in human history. The general sense of art is defined as an expression of creativity and imagination. Another defining art, examining the aesthetic side of human perception, sensation of, a nice effort to reach between querying objects and people. Beauty in art is created. to glorify life, it is possible to make art more meaningful. Art gives you the power and pleasure in every part of human life
This is a social being who is the most important feature of a person. As long as the idea that the statement into action and other people can not take advantage of it. One of the most important way to explain it is the art and practice. Art allows the establishment of a bridge between people and people. Thus thought among people through art, emotion and exchange of information provided and entered into a dialog. Art created by the imagination of colors, lines, sound and converts it into a shape with everything he saw movement in itself. they serve the aesthetic sense by appealing to people. Put forth works of art (sculpture, painting, theater, cinema, poetry, music, etc.) that allows the individual to learn what their feelings. People allows the formation of good sense, freeing them from feeling bad. The city they live in and contribute to the awareness of the nation's people to understand each other by personality and life.


• Practical Arts / industrial arts (crafts) are tasks that require the dexterity made to meet the people's needs. Training is done in practice and master-apprentice relationship. Carpenter, barber, tailor, as are professional chefs.
Fine arts: visual thoughts and feelings are heard telling others through visual and drama. Eye to exhibit beautiful view of the ear-pleasing sound to announce and create excitement in the spirit of the work of fine art.
• Visual arts: painting, sculpture, like architecture. • Visual arts: music, literature.
• Dramatic arts: theater, dance, ballet, cinema, like marionettes.
Here you can see the horizon is wide art and imagination. Artistic activity is one of the most essential in the development of the body.
Artistic activity children engaged in creativity, Interpretation Skills, Critical Thinking and Communication Skills, Personality Development, Social Skills, which has been shown to increase and develop observational skills. in social life of the people, by desteleyenlerin the psycho-social development is located at the beginning of the factors that help to speed up this sport. Sport is an important part of people's psycho-social development, it should be noted that people's social and psychological care will make the active now, the easiest way to sports. Individuals attend sporting events, the effects of the birth of spiritual loneliness eliminating seen in business and then genelleşerek reflected in social life, purposelessness and the elimination of pessimistic and depressed attitude caused by the monotonous working conditions can eliminate the easiest sport way.
Art education develops creativity. Therefore, art education is important. The purpose of arts education to develop cognitive skills of the students, to help them express their savings mental and visual formats and make them reveal themselves freely
Art education, child and adolescent develops aesthetic concerns. Aesthetics is good science in a way. So nice to children and adolescents, best moments, and select Search. In addition, art education effectively enables the development of critical and creative individuals. Children and adolescents with the formatting environment itself, and installs its social responsibilities such as being respectful to others. Thus, children and adolescents versatile, open-minded upbringing, self-reliance, the grip of events and facts, innovation, targeted at the development and implementation of contemporary remain closed for himself. Art education, to the senses neglected in the educational system, it gives the place a feeling and dreams. Thus, only one side of the oncoming people, and that information is compensated by informational errors arts education as giving importance to him.
Therefore, given the importance of arts education in educational systems. Because it brings the art of creativity, thought transfer, freedom of expression, crafts, cultural heritage will be reflected in all aspects of life for people
Art not only paintings, sculptures, symphonies does not. Art, "Life understands the intelligence it the most attractive means to put the most beautiful way." And has been defined. Tolstoy, "and then portrayed himself of the feeling that men were once lived movement to feel the same emotions in others, the sound, the line has emerged art from the need to express the manner determined by the color or word." he says. People how to feel, thinking starts from the moment the words of the true meaning of his life has entered if the human emotions and thoughts sounds, lines, and from the moment he begins to shape the animate and inanimate symbols appeared with color would come to really history.
Art, like saving a person inhaling moment the narrow mold of daily life. beautiful in art, science, looking toward the human spirit and intellect, in fact, is looking for himself. Religion, philosophy, science, art or even art, such areas are connected to each other tightly. Each work of art is concerned with one thing or an object that exists. Describes a certain presence, it reveals a section of it. A picture is an illustration of a certain part of nature or a human image. A play, is symbolized by certain events. A poem or piece of music, or the nature or the human soul is an expression of human feelings. The artist saw, understand that the knowledge of the existence and reality as it determines, constitutes the core subjects of art. vitamins to ensure a healthy development of the body, proteins, minerals, how necessary is the creativity, being able to free thinking, the way of life and being able to better self-diagnosis is also possible with the presence of art. in art it can be exercised is nicely balanced diet and rest alakadar. Scientists demonstrated that by interfering with the brain during sleep was hampered memory. Regular increases the amount of food you get when you sleep or when you make your diet spores stops to give more muscle loss in weight. Therefore, regular nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, exercise and sleep should be handled with the same care.effects on metabolism Irregular sleep can be thinned under the following two propositions; go to bed late at night, causing more food intake to get up late in the morning. people lying on the late night especially have a tendency to eat junk food. Because the secretion of serotonin in the body known as happiness and give the correct value falls late. You also chocolate to secretion of serotonin in this case, you will be happy to turn to food as you chips. After dinner, there is a long period of time. If a particular person's bedtime or when they lie close to planlayamaz and consume high-calorie foods. This condition is terminated by storing body fat. Weight loss is prevented by some hormones secreted due to irregular sleep. the metabolism of hormones that day in parallel with the light sleep and waking up is the hormone melatonin. Melatonin, reaching its highest level in 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 in the morning and falls back level. This ensures that your hormones are affected by sleep when it is dark and the light. The hormone melatonin, a powerful antioxidant substances that may be harmful to your body helps restore the body neutralized. Therefore, it is important to sleep in a dark environment and at the specified time interval. Another hormone is affected by the irregular sleep and cortisol hormones. These hormones any stress generated in the body (illness, such as fever, surgery) is released state. It suppresses the immune system raises blood sugar, high blood pressure trigger. Cortisol night to the lowest level, reached after 1-2 hours after waking up and the highest level. The excessive release of cortisol causes body oils. Cortisol production knowledge of the brain, light / dark, depending on the perception transmitted to the brain. Therefore, every broken your sleep patterns, increases the secretion of the hormone cortisol increases fat deposition accordingly. The brain to get enough to eat, and sends the signal that leptin is a hormone needed to cut. Leptin is a hormone secreted at night are less. In response, the brain sends the signal that acıkıl the hormone ghrelin and leptin are hormones that act opposite. When you sleep at night more ghrelin, a hormone secreted by the leptin hormone is secreted less. Unnecessary food consumption as seen with irregular sleep hormone, and ultimately weight gain triggers. It lay at the same time each day, you will feel less hunger at the same time getting up. If it's already disrupted sleep patterns and practical advice does not seem to sleep the following night.
Certain immune cells increases during sleep, so the night is the perfect time for repairs and improvements. Also known as the sleep hormone melatonin are of an excellent antioxidant that combats free radicals and other toxins. For this reason, the quality of sleep, is among the building blocks of a healthy immune system.
Art is an important requirement to speak up for the children. they feel their feelings and thoughts are expressed progress form kids are having more confidence art is intertwined. plenty of art dealing with children until adolescence can express themselves much more comfortable. looking for more creative and solution-oriented events, they make a smooth transition to adolescence. Children's art, can be viewed as the way to tell them without words. Based on the deal as well as the arts accessible information about their children's moods and characters. For example; Children from his works dealing with the plastic arts, 'Is producing practical solutions to a child, have a child under stress, fast-acting or child care workers do' can achieve these results. Arts from the age of 2 does not pose a problem for the safety of children should be introduced to children in art. Parents should support their children's artistic production. Children's picture on the wall instead of girls did so, they need to create a space where people can be free of them. Rooms are capable of freedom in the wall. The effect of the child's world is pretty much all branches of art. Art helps children recognize themselves. It induces the differentiation of perspectives. Art, children's mental and physical health affects mental positively. Emotional intelligence, social skills, develop imagination and most importantly, confidence. children express their feelings more comfortable acquainted with art. Childhood is a state of the art production needs. At this point the comments children and 'it is not color, should be this color' large moldings from the world, such as the child's relationship with art all his life and can cause damage to the rating concern. There is nothing as beautiful or ugly, right and wrong in art. This is a point combined with the art of the child. So parents, ugly or was wrong, they should refrain from comment, as did.
You on the Arts and the chemistry of the human body was transferred in exploring the positive developments in the world of science. We also have learned that all together the main factors that play a role in the development of our children.
How do I want to transfer that is associated with one of the art in the light of this information we learn and dream world.
I met with many decorations and antique gold leaf material before the year I started the restoration work of people like you and me callous incompetent negative feelings and thoughts of the master. Sometimes I was subjected to humiliating insults. Sometimes I was subjected to humiliating glance. But I did not give up. As years still I am staying subjected to this senseless words of the people disguised as incompetent masters.
If you run an art activity, my dear friends, remember that you always with a facial expression with a pair of eyes and envy that you may experience continuous study. They're bullying you learn to make a break with the master. For years I have been able to work even sometimes negative influence my mood I'm in this business. If you make a mistake how to listen to the words of the ignorant arrogant masters pedantic scrap your face structure. I ride horses for many years. The first rule taught to Jockey. "If you do not ride again throws at you fall you do not put it back on again." Did you understand what I want to know what I mean?
Sometimes an activity that can take you to break new art movements. Art also has endless imagination. without imagination is not art. The bill's broad line of colors, lines always appear on the horizon. questions that come up inside me that I always have that fear. I wonder if they do not make fun of me .... etc…. V. S. Regiment who would to himself. What happens though is not making fun of you with an ax handle? This is not the end of the world. You can fix or do you broke it again.
Today, the technology that is already in the advanced stages of groping knowledge and skills with a lot of paint, putty is now ready and can be obtained cheaply. You can achieve the desired color. Pre-leaf foil instead of chemicals you use to paste ready voiding milk bulabilmekt here. In our country, unfortunately, often to the arrogant masters who think that always we can find trained by masters in the industry. (I'd beyond real moral masters.) Three cents countless victims for the sake of our people acknowledge they get the money. It seems that small business until it receives the language, after taking the job after receiving money after you've been running here. behind the work they do in Europe, unfortunately, they also emphasize the day and time they are serving to prepare your material. this does not cause our country? which is inclined to the sciences and the arts than in children of school age in Europe in that direction are gönderilmekt schools. certified employees brought obligation to obtain certification for our artisans to remove the qualified person forefront finally in our country. If you lean on a serious level master will come to the forefront of quality. Elina cuts will not say I'm the upper area of the nail area of the brush area. If our country is what the parents pass hearts they will send it to school. Do you know what is happening as a result! What is a budding generation of an unhealthy individuals with net job çıkmakt are loyal to him. I ask you all what made an art school where you do not want the child benefit from the child who graduated from what? I walked my artistic activity in this industry for many years in various environments. I've asked the painter or carpenter to welder from motorists to leave school early or leave secondary school. When I questioned how they learn "my father brought me grabbed my ear next to the master. He has beef bone man said to me this child. He could not have prevented the child to the man. What he does not want you send to school will fail. Here we are taking our punishment as head of the wife and children of our country.
However, the most common activities that make your intentions are wrong to harass you constantly increased negative emotions behavior. Do you intimidate them. Turn your ear. You are wrong if you make the master. Someone to teach you the art of your profession. If you mix your art that you you can not do this job. There is only one person who can talk about your art miscible. Academic career or with competent, qualified craftsmen who are artistic license. incompetent and inadequate in view of the people of the non-master every artistic activity and not as words. There is a move I make my art for those who want to teach me my job. "I give us Brushes commanded you're my skin let me go." Dear friends, it does not grow easily master. Years upbringing of a master taking. The resulting structure is operating as God's servants do not. Moreover, the structure of our body is sick, even God is not in operation we are able to go to the doctor? an artist engaged in artistic activity should follow him must constantly renew technology. For example, I'm all artistic activities to continuously review the NetDir my spare time. Decoration and restoration anyone dealing with any kind of restoration should know the technical experts should work like a painter knows every method. "Open a book a month with no driver currently has a year, he said." I think you understand what I mean. hostile attitudes and behavior of the person you're cooling of this art activity. Continue the way you know to be true. Wrong fix is also in your hands. Even huge automotive factories are called back to fix faulty tools. We and we got our missing them. I am among you of all these years. We arrived at the location where the phone came NetDir you open the camera helped in this artistic activity. I always wanted to dispatch anyone to despair. I know if I am sharing what I've learned to the end. If you carry out this activity with the same feeling in you thought you saw the response in accordance with the rules in response effect. Behold, I tell them I'll give you the money to you or how you look at me the same way. Exactly, "You reap what you sow".
Dear friends, I tried to think of you now döndüğün about the importance of these artistic activities. I hope I was helpful. Stay blowing another string to meet me ....

Mustafa Kemal Bektas

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