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You to use left hand, which was around people, only 10% of the population (left-handedness) z of the related to it left the hand usage habits (left-handed) we have made with my daughter Melike sudenur research will share with you. therefore, we also insisted that my daughter left-handed with gold leaf is left-handed in our research and questions from you questions about artistic activity yürütebilirlig We want to keep the lights. We have seen the reality is that the left-handedness of animals in our research and observations we have made together.
What is now left-handedness, what is the reality Medically her look:
Left-handedness: left-handedness, left-handed people are more intensive use in everyday work by the right hand. Left hand with writing and eating, solaklıg are the most conspicuous example. In short, instead of bringing the business during a recognizable right from the hand level is called left-handed people can use to succeed. In all the research done, it appears that about 10% of people are left-handed. Each face is left-handed on from person to person.
Left-handedness is not abnormal. Left-handedness in motion, visual and fine works is to use the left half of the body itself in auditory perception. Left-handed when writing, pictures while the left hand and the ball hit the ground, kicking laying their left foot, his eyes blink at the left, use the left ear while phoning.

Causes left-handedness:
What is it let the solaklıg the medical aspect we look at all the scientific research related to Solaklıkl.
including the right and left hemispheres of the human brain has two distinct regions. Right and left parts of the brain handles different mental process. The left part of the brain that controls the right hand; speech, language, writing, logic, is responsible for math and science. Which controls the left hand and the right part of the brain; music, art, and is responsible for the perception of emotions. Right side to see the big picture abstract thinking capacity, while the left side goes through to distinguish more specific features.
Overall, the left half of the brain that develop more slowly to the right by a brain problem that occurs during the formation of the right half of the brain to dominate, which causes solaklıg. Because the brain, the left half of the right side of the body controls the left side of the right half.
Which part of the brain that people use at an early age and therefore what they would prefer the hand when daily work begins to become clear. The head of a newborn baby can be the first clue which way to turn. Which also extends the hand of a child's toy or object which the hands grasp, which shows us the preferred hand as the dominant hand to eat. Hand dominance is clearly evident around age 1 is to begin around the age of 3-4 is completely settled.
Left-handedness is a normal condition is often familial. However, an association between certain diseases and developmental problems were observed. Left brain regions that contain language-learning ability in the hands of the dominant right brain and left-handed employees have difficulty learning languages. Specific learning difficulties, such as difficulties in learning to read and write, speech disorders such as stuttering are other problems often seen. Motor coordination difficulties because they are regarded as clumsy. Researchers examined the relationship between handedness and left-handed because of traffic accidents and people with difficulties in motor coordination was found to interfere with the more left-handed traffic accidents. Left-handed scissors, but have difficulty in using the keyboard and can also be arranged according to the right-handed because of the living conditions. In addition, children with epilepsy and intellectual disabilities, according to the number of left-handed right-handers were found to be twice as much.
Yes solaklıg the medical aspect of people as we have seen, which is determined by commands sent by the brain to use the hand. The human brain consists mainly of two parts and the functionality of the hand is revealed through commands sent by these sections. The human brain is anatomically and functionally symmetrical and features that are not assumed by the department / office is different.
both parts of the brain are interacting with each other, but usually one of the sections being used as more dominant than the other. Right-handed people use the left brain, left-handed people use the right side of the brain is dominant. both parts of the brain are also assume different functions; the right side of the three-dimensional intelligence, creativity, music, intuition, while undertaking functions such as visual memory, speech left side of the brain, analytical intelligence, has the authority as logical thinking.
Left-handedness is genetic, "DNA" refers families according to their structure. Transferred to a recessive gene occurs so rarely. Also is this a point with certainty that left-handed and, unlike right-handed can also use active every two hemispheres of the brain, right-handers usually on one side of the raid they use the most current theory this is a lefty of outstanding people have that and compared to individuals using other right-handers in society more diverse and thinks comprehensive proof. According to some researchers, the testosterone to be more than that of male hormones in the womb, a condition common in left-handed. Be more left-handedness rate in men is also a determination has been detected. Left-handed men of libido is said to be higher than other men.
Without religious and cultural pressures, we can say that half the people in the world would use his left hand while the other half right.
Do lefties more creative?
"Cognitive Theory of Groups," according to the right-handers the left lobe of the brain, while left-handers than right lobe of the brain is active. Right lobe spatial and mathematical skills, language and verbal skills, while the left is dominant lobe. Solak, in particular the works wonders with that number perhaps. Albert Einstein left-handed and right-handers among the paylaşılamas although, assuming that use both hands, left-handedness theory seems to be true.

Right-Handed Men Have More Emotional?
Left-handed men as they evaluate life and relationships more logical, right-handed men are becoming men can contribute their feelings on their relationship in this case.
However, there are also benefits to make generalizations. This man knows the best left-handed and left-handed flirting with the wives of men.
Have left-handedness the good aspects?
After so many negative things to say left-handedness, let's give a little information for their opener. Research, music, sport and makes it clear that they are more successful than those who use the right side of the left-handed in the image area. The best proof of this famous left-handed I gave the names below.
Here's famous left-handed:
Manuel Orantes, Jimmy Connors, Guillermo Villas, Rasco Taner, Jonh Macenro this left-handed tennis players,
Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Picasso, like painters and sculptors. Beethoven, Mozart, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, as musicians. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Fidel Castro, statesmen such as Napoleon. Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Demi Moore, sinemacılar.einste such as Tom Cruise, Sergen Yalcin, Pele, Maradona and many more.
Source: Prof. Dr. I Küçükusta in a.ras
Is there a left-handedness in animals? Or just specific people manager?

Yes, unfortunately, there are animals in left-handedness. North two scientists made the human research in Ireland on 42 domestic cat, male cats revealed that they tended to use hard work in the face of the left paws.
Scientists also have found that the house cats may be left-handed people like. According to the Telegraph, psychologists in particular that they prefer to use the more right paw of the female cats, she discovered that they tended to use men with the left paw in the face of difficult tasks.
From Queen's University in Belfast city doctor Deborah Wells and Sarah Millsopp examined the 42 house cats for research. Although these animals in more complex cases were to use the simple tasks across both paws it was found to have a choice between either right or left paws.
fish in a small jar in one of the experiments conducted in the research framework capture all of the 21 female cats desired right for the job, he tied up his 20 left paws. But one of the boys chose to use two paws. Toys like a mouse caught in similar experiments also revealed in the same way they use their paws of animals.
Looking at the pet dog and cat, shoo a fly put their nose or paws, you can see that it is different from each other that they use to extend patina. When choosing a dog paw right to do these things, you can choose another dog left paw. This does not necessarily have to be random and specific dogs, cats or other animals may prefer to use during the lifetime of a particular hand. This unique study will determine the handedness of individual level and a tendency to be the preference of every individual of every species. This level of hand preference, in almost all mammals, fish and birds and even amphibians even at have been identified. So every living thing, with particular reason, he prefers to use a specific hand.
Is dominated by the left-handed against a right-handed world it takes courage to stay. As we have seen many things in our lives can be a nightmare for left-handed minor details. Here are 13 things you can understand, but the left-handed! :

1.Spiral wire notebooks: What do not say this one today, a ring binder leaf is not easily translated into friends! Let's say you turn, it is to cut the wires, such as rendering the hand of man. I'm left-handed odd is happening in tatters citizens by hand until the two lines!

2. Scissors: It's strange look strange, almost all of scissors made for right-handed. When trying to use the space made to keep one of the standard left-handed scissors, you can stick yourself in a jiffy! Reverse business use scissors, who knows the pain of ...

3. Eat, drink ... mostly because it is like a nightmare in general in using his right hand to try to eat with them at the table. Especially into two right-handed person a left-handed equivalent of between incoming wow! Exchange elbows, around the wrists, arms stands face ... Food is not torture! You can poison even the most happy day!

4. Lock open: Not only the door lock, being right-handed to open the lock of smart devices that more sensible, my brother suffered by those left-handed What's that? After a while people would be crazy. Is left-handedness force to dissuade the policy pursued what is this?

5. Page turn: the Internet environment in the galleries even should the world left to draw for a left-handed moves from left to right, it is difficult to scroll right ... Especially to go to the left to return or, Like paradox of paradoxes.

6. Keyboard: solaks that you know if your eyes from the sight of happiness Kalvin intermittently tear. Whilst the citizens do not even keyboards for holding left-handed right-handed? Especially when he did not have the number keypad on the right side! Few wrist bent has been bent to extend your hand down there ...

7. Tables chairs: officially attracts world right! even hostile to left-handed table chairs the Education digits. You're out there how do you write? Fain will be requested from the left of "Can I use you to your table?" ... he had the job of the left-handed, even give a separate award to those who graduated under these circumstances, we need to exempt from the exam!

8. Game handle: Who knows for a left-handed joystick as a sacrifice to what ha ... Do Fifa against left-handed, the arrogance of victory earned PES playing right-handed oh citizens! They start with a zero behind the game already. Data sync in terms of them as a lever, let's see who beats whom five then!

9. Paint the whitewash which hands: Why the edge of the hand to the right hand does not like to paint? Pencils, pens, crayons ... it does not matter right hand as you type goes, do not enjoy the right hand goes right to say, because writing always corresponds to the book's surface like cream. What about your left hand? Getting the right contacts scrawled surface that hand, you think working in the coal mines citizens. But I only left-handed odd!

10. Measurement: No. There is nothing opposite. Strangely I just want to measure the size of the sofa would get home. But it's what! Even tape measures made for right-handed! Being left-handed should not be so difficult! But difficult.

11. Shake hands to: O my zal right-handers! Solakli to work with a handshake and see what's going on, where I keep saying that wraps your hands where one lived that moment. It's like the world is upside down! Many left-handed so I just can not shake, direct wound you'd think it creepy. Yet another worry is him, who knows knows ah ...

12. Give me five! : The event! Let's see if you can knife to a Solakli age. Have you scratched off, do you look at this craft is scalloped ... hard work, so be careful explorations to rejoice in a human. If you rejoice, wrapped in a kiss, a hug. No matter your health. But it's oh that's what it should become citizens left-handed? You will pay attention to a person, it is to everyone!

13. Mind nervous questions: lefties become a plague of strange questions, such as right-handers were not enough for all this trouble. Misal "Can you also write with your right hand?" "How do you write with your left hand?" "You play ball left leg in your future", "left-hand how are you doing?" "What's it like to be left-handed?" Yah citizens say big already, what you need is also to these questions? as if it came from another planet ... Just leave me garibime. (Radikal 13 Aug 2015)

Hüpert Ripoli, lefty According to Pierre Simonet research faster and more successful by using his right hand to the people. Especially in sports, fast and successful left-handed in, and act according to the main system in the brain. Neuropsychological differences in structure, left-handed are showing shorter response time. The EMISFERA in the brain that emerges from the research is not symmetrical hemisphere. Most people on the left EMISFERA appeared to be dominant in all symbolic function. Left sphere logic, reasoning and language are managed. This emisf in an analytical manner, the center is working circuit resembling a calculator. Punctual as information from successive jobs.
The right hemisphere has gained more expertise in space and shape detection. Mutual relations within assesses all the different elements of the overall grasp. function differences between hemispheres are described with anatomical difference. The study evaluated 65% of the events left in the half, the region plays an important role in the language of the time the plane appeared to be more advanced than that of the right half. Research has emerged as a result of an interesting event. This anatomical difference to the comparable rate in the fetus even been found in great apes. This is us, the people most of the time proves that the left hemisphere speech against powerful capabilities. Left-handed, right-handed is not reflected in the mirror. They are among the major differences. Structures are different. Naturally left-handed right hemisphere is the language center, so it is able to write with their left hand deftly summer. However, the impact of family pushes these people to write with his right hand.
why left-handed decisions to success is to save time and switch between the perception of visual information in motion. The advantage is that we decided to take the plane the transition move. Accuracy is not a speed advantage. Left-handed advantage is in a very short movement. As soon as the moving speed of the powerful precision strikes like lightning at the other not important ..
The left-handed, the sport has proven how successful they were in the past. 7 awards in the USA 5 5 3 reputation of the Austrian awards, played four Wimbledon final. Pingpong the world's best table tennis is left-handed. This demonstrates the superiority of the left-hander.
of the right hand it must be advantageous compared to left-handed. Whereas the left-handed and, according to the right-handers are more advantageous in many respects. Artists, architects, there is a high proportion of left-handedness among the great masters of the line. For instance, the famous painter, sculptor and anatomists Leonardo De Vinci was left-handed. Worldwide it has been found to have a high percentage of left-handed awards mathematicians. Also, the calculated ratio between left-handed professional athletes, especially handball, football and various sports including baseball has been found that a high proportion of left-handed. Response time to react in Solak is calculated shorter. It has also been found to be fast reflexes and accurate. Solak in terms of intelligence about the vision has been demonstrated in many studies to be superior to using his right hand. Left-handed in, it was also found to have excellent depth perception than right-handers.
Using the right hand, and take advantage of alet¬ constantly speaking people in complex spoken language distinguishes three main activities from all other species. All three of these events are often associated with regions near each other in the left hemisphere of the bey¬n.
As you know, the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body; Using the right side which is very advanced in the left hemisphere of the human has become the center of yete¬neg, time has uzmanlaş¬ two hemispheres in different functions. Use the right side of the brain to the body, there are some reasons for establishing a connection between the two halves of the separation.
According to a new theory as too full of insa¬n the right side to use the language and be¬y the hemisphere is an improvement from the previous ayrılma¬s. The speech center in Beyin¬ yet to kul¬lan the one hand the people at the time did not geliş¬ likely facilitated the development of dexterity, which has created the human brain in the last 250 thousand years, but the development of anatomical altyapı¬s ta¬mamlan.
Left-handed, in terms of the risk of occurrence of some diseases, it is more advantageous than using his right hand. For instance, the risk of cancer incidence is relatively low in the left-hander. In other words, the left-handed are more resistant to cancer. In addition, left-handed pneumonia (pneumonia) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease incidence ratio of less than. Zona zoster disease is less common in left-handed. Left at it was found that the higher the immune system activity. It also means that, the more active the presence of an immune system, and therefore the formation of a protective shield for preventing the occurrence of diseases.
One of the most typical examples of asymmetric preferentially, in people's daily work is often to use much more of a hand. considered as more people prefer to use the dominant (dominant) hand we say. In this case, the control points of the dominant function in the brain and organs of the body, which means the use of more intense and overwhelming. Thus, centers and functions in the left brain hemisphere in right-handed; In left-handers, the right brain and its functions is more dominant.
preferential like in the hands of the user, largely because of the development of the brain and occur preferentially with the functional dominance of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, should be considered as a feature that can be changed with the potential and the will given by the Creator. Since the birth of the first years of the right or left hand preferentially be very clear, it is widely used in baby's right and left hands often close together. During the development and education of the children, as a result of the maturation of the nervous system and vision from the family, the right to use hand emerges as dominant. But the left hand preferentially genetic and neuro-anatomical predisposition, people with high, despite any coercion can not be dissuaded from the left-hand use.
Left-handed both agile and intelligent as well as beautiful:
According to research done last left-handed, winning 10-15 percent more than their counterparts who handed. Time's research is not surprising, because the world can turn the intelligence cash and modifies Microsoft's Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey is considered the world's most famous broadcasters also a lefty. The more the rate in the general population the proportion of left-handed left-hander in the world rich list.
Left-handed athletes more successful. For example, most of the left-handed fencer participating in the Olympics. For example, 21-year-old left-hander from Race Imboden famous fencing champion. the sport is a very important player in America, 25 percent of baseball left-handed. For example, Ken Griffey. He is a man who appreciated his strong left-handed shots. Many of the myth of left-handed players. Pele, Messi and Maradona left-handed. It is known by its ability of most talented player Sergen Yalcin left foot from the Turkish football. In swimming, crafts, V. S. instrument in the violin left-handed use and they are quite successful.
Left-handed cars successful in use. Automobile Association lefty's license tests, according to a study by the Developments, 57 percent more successful than right-handers. Left-handed, it's also believed unlike successful in jobs requiring dexterity.
While having dinner at the same time we must adhere to the etiquette. This means holding the right hand fork or spoon is actually doing a job more difficult. For example, right-handed eating are usually eats right hands after changing overtake cut meat. The left-handed no such trouble. That is more fortunate. Thus the innate polite ...
In the brain, the left-handed art of politics is evident. The most successful president in the history of the United States was left-handed. Three of the last four presidents left-handed. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Gerald Ford and Harry Truman's most famous left-handed presidents.
It is left-handed in the famous land there is another beauty. Jennifer Lawrence in a lefty who the real age anlamdaalt few years. You escape from the watchful eyes. Considered one of the world's most beautiful women Scarlett Johanssonn left-handed. Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, a separate charisma because they are left-handed famous and beautiful women such as Julia Roberts and Tina Fey that we should be disregarded. Hollywood's celebrity men left-handed in the corners. For example, Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Charlie Chaplin, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman. Left-handed people are also shook the music world. special instruments produced for themselves, they have a real sense of this design 'They talk'. Can you imagine Jimi Hendrix gitarsız? Or Kurt Cobain's that famous scene? We can not also. Hendrix was a lefty. Cobain ...
Other celebrities in the left-handed musicians Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Ricky Martin and Sting can be counted.
Left-handed spot, cinema, music, as in the creative areas has also very successful. The Simpsons example of a left-handed artist Emmy award-winning cartoonist Matt Groening. Thus, a left-handed Bart Simpson ... (Hurriyet 13 June 2014)

How do you understand that your child is a left-handed?
Right or left hand use case is not a matter of choice for some of the work is related to the brain rather than the dominant areas. For example, left-handedness is an expression of the right half of the brain's motor dominance. Innate reach a definitive conclusion on the dominant hand is usually not easy to use. Left-handedness may manifest itself in different ways and even deteriorate. Left-handed people around the child, to adapt it to the appropriate setting using the right hand to right hand use and attempts to teach children the attempt would cause a malfunction. In this case, medical conclude on whether the child is left-handed, requires psychological and sociological information; consult a specialist. Furthermore, only one hand and education made little impact with the enforcement of the remaining actions understandable dominant hand usage.
For example: to irrigate crops (with a small watering can ...), tooth brushing, rotate objects, dice, to discharge a bead box and beads are put back in the box, the matches count, as put to the matches back in the box ..

How Parents Can Support Left-handed children at home?
Parents seem trivial everyday activities, should be aware that the child's motor development play a supportive role. Preschool children often are dressed by their parents; düğmelenip jackets, zippers pulled, hats and gloves are worn. Nowadays shoes are velcro band, thus assigning almost no pre-school children's bows.
Left-handedness is normal, so use the right hand; Parents should encourage their children to use the right hand, left-handed. Parents are a child does not get into the hands of the pen, the pen to keep accurate shape, should not force him. It is difficult to correct the wrong practices of established schools. In daily life, used tools (pen, pencil sharpener, scissors, etc.), Special attention should be paid to that left hand. (Hürriyet 13 Oct 2011)

Left-handedness, the algae is still considered to be quite ridiculous trend needs to be fixed. Celebrated on August 13 in the world "Left-handed Day" at Anadolu Medical Center, Department of Neurology Director Prof. Dr. Yasar Kütükçü, "or left-handedness in humans is the result of state sağlaklık hand dominance. Hand dominance is not a power difference can be felt in other situations can be compared to a hand showed a significant difference compared to other skills addressed, "it says.
Anadolu Medical Center Clinical Psychologist Selin is Khan, "Children up to 2 years of age are not usually in a hand preference. Both hands as they try, they use it. This choice makes the brain alert, warning does not change, "he says.

According to the left-handedness of Islam:
Causing the pressure to use his right hand to the children of families misconception that he is the sin of using the left hand according to our religion in society. Our Prophet Hz in this regard. Muhammad (pbuh) Ahmet Sahin reminiscent of a hadith, "the Prophet (beneficial works right hand, left to start no better hands.) He said. So use the right hand of circumcision, not wajib or obligatory. "He says. Stressing that counted the decency to use the right hand as well as being Sunnah Sahin, the right hand of the weight used by our society left hand, noting that there has been pacified families, "Teach to use the right hand for your child, you do not need to print can not use." He says. Because the Prophet's hadiths that have use the left hand while eating if needed. Areas designated right and left hand in the heavenly religions and has been more widespread and broad usage of the right hand. Satan and evil spirits is attributed, it is associated with the left hand and left-hand use, the left hand area is kept narrow. right hand for eating in Islam, bidet was recommended in the left-hand use. However, left-handers and left-handedness is prohibited necessarily force it yet. In Islam, religion of balance and measure, on the one hand some jobs have been well advised to use the other hand some jobs, so the front of both of them using both brain development was opened. Research shows that the use of one hemisphere of the brain from birth that caused the marginalization of other brain hemisphere. Islam brought by principle, specifying the work to be made by both hands, the same hands and food, as well as prevented from using the bidet; so that guidance is made in preventive medicine ..

left-handedness to art effects happened Is There?
The ability and mental sense that the left-handed have the superior virtues are now known and recognized by everyone. Because people who use the right hand, just being able to control the right side of the brain, and left-handed
In both parts of the brain may also establish dominance.
Solak improve their ability to be able to use the function on behalf of their hands and thus more artistic and sports activities are more successful. Why use your left hand on your artistic activities are affected in a negative direction!
For example, 13-year-old daughter Melike sudenur. Also doing quite fine gold leaf work. At age 7, when gold leaf decoration also love doing all kinds of crafts. No problem does not live in.

As a result:
1. lefties are usually more intelligent.
Despite being the world's only left-handed 10% and 20% of left-handed Gifted children's club Mensa members.
2. Information on jobs much faster.
Solak can use the much more common with the two lobes of the brain, which allows faster and more computing capacity than their non-handers.
3. They show a faster recovery.
Both sides of the brain because they have to live in a world were designed based on non Colak always active, so it is hard solak of the study showed more rapid healing as a stroke affecting one side of the body.
4. Artistic direction are far outweighs.
artistic direction of left-handed people are far outweighs compared to non-handers. Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and so on. artists are left-handed.
5. become more successful in sports.
The reason is not known exactly, is the fact that non-lefty they failed to investigate more against left-handed opponents. Left-handed, especially boxing, tennis, and so on. in sports it is much more successful.
6. left-handedness of memory is better.
It's not just a phenomenon peculiar to the left-handed, left-handed is a condition seen in people who do not come from a family where the majority of left-handed individuals. Left-handed people with episodic memory (the ability to recall events) is not much better than left-handed.
7. Left-handed versatile.
Due to think the brain is faster than the left-handed have the ability to do more than one job at a time.

8. lefties they wait less time in the queue.
"What nonsense" Let's take a look at the scientific data before saying: lefties in the queues tend to be left-handed because of queuing on the left side of the left tail of the scientific research progresses much faster. Now why do we understand?
9. earn more money.
According to the research lefty who went to university, gaining 13% more money than those without left-handed. But not, unfortunately, the same situation applies to women, university graduates left-handed women, 5% of non fellow lefty gaining less.
10 are better drivers.
The ratio of the left-hander making his first attempt at driving test was 57%, this figure is 47% in patients without left-handed.

11. Faster thinkers.
In left-handed, left and right halves of the brain much more quickly communicates, in other words we are left-handed smarter already.
12. outweighs the visual aspects.
Solak are inscriptions rather better visual perception of things. Photography, painting, etc. from the field in areas such as law and literature are much more successful.
13. They use faster keyboard.
Standard QWERTY keyboard in a left-handed people are significantly faster. Only about 450 words yazılabiliyork while using the right hand, the number of words that can be written using only 3,400 left hand.
14 may most of the Atlanteans left-handed.
However, there is a real reason for not fully found that he was left-handed people are much better than those without water lefty to ensure compliance with the six environments.
15. Better "gamer" each other.
More stimulus is due to their ability to respond more quickly to the left-handed people play computer games better.

16. vessel's authenticity.
Although many non-royal members found lefty, he has much more left-handed member of the royal. For example, Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth and grandson Prince William is left-handed.

17. They are better fighters.
Just as in sports competitions, due to the weakness of the left-handed left-handed non-hostile war it is more likely to survive the challenge.

18. Remove from lefty Good designers.
The reason we have listed in the preceding article, you need to sample, four of the five original Macintosh computer designers lefty.

19. Scholarships are higher detection probabilities.
Because there is only corporate grantor for the left-hander.

20 are more successful in the political arena.
For example, four of the last selected left-handed 7 of the American president. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Ford.
Bonus - they are more specific.
when he celebrated a day of non- left-handedness, August 13 is celebrated as the day the world is left-handed. (13 Aug 2015

You use the left hand to our habit of this series (left-handedness) have shared the information about it. Another article in our series goodbye to be together with you., Friendly stay .. Regards

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