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Alt 23 Haziran 2016 #1


Dear friends, today is almost no unemployment, which reduces become the biggest disease communities. This series of articles about art in my first letter "A" s from "Z" is now up to the scientific and religious dimensions of döndüğün since'll try to explain.


An emotion or idea art form is the incarnation of the most beautiful and the most aesthetic and visual material in an art course, she had to be creative in the art, the artist's creativity and imagination that is connected to the artist. The general sense of art is the expression of creativity or imagination.
until today the first human, man has attempted to rule whether the substance forms for various purposes. 20 like we were in all the activities of up to advance the art electronic mechanization, unfortunately, over the centuries, but its impoverished people with strokes that have hit the craft, it is left unemployed. It has turned people into a kind of raw material. 20th century advice such as electronic mechanization is unfortunately almost human raw material. People with mechanization share of national income that each individual flows to certain wealthy class. Community development only happens with middle and low survival of the educated classes. This also happens to be standing activity of handicrafts. Otherwise, the imperialist spirit of education, which lacks the dexterity of the people will destroy the future of the majority of inadequate community.
You know that a person, a family, a community of regular b i to remain standing would have come through. So this income is money. It is possible to earn the money you have in your possession you a certain ability. The mechanization that because the reduction of electronic machines intended for continuous production labor costs established in the 20th century society will surround a large unemployment problem. Therefore, it lost crafts so it will take a large wound in society gelirsel. The basis of this day today but also experienced unemployment. Işci mechanization creates the unskilled working class. Machines that humanity still lives thanks to mechanization unemployment.
According to Kant; art outside their is no purpose. Its sole purpose is to himself. Fine Art but can create genius.
According to Hegel; It is superior to beauty in nature beauty in art. Art is the product of the human mind. It must find other purpose than the imitation of nature.
Art, on the genius level intelligence, in response to which there is an area that is embodied in a coherent whole. The artist who goes to the front of the intelligence and intuition of age, there is little understanding of the real art. you can not tell until you understand the art of art.
Art, nature of the society's core values and develop. Art in any way outside of society, be considered in isolation from it.
Art humanity in parallel with the evolution of life forms, their outlook on life has changed their outlook on art and art forms; In every era and in every society, art has emerged in different views.
To be an artist, but have a great sense of art and love, that feeling, transmit to others the love and skills need to be taught with an expression of ability and power. artist, that everyone is heard, everyone saw that everyone felt, that everyone thought; Who in a different way, seeing differently, feel differently, thinking differently, interpret in a different way, it is reflecting in a different way; hear new hearing, seeing the unseen, without blurring. artists who assimilate art in the true sense, caring; dissolving in the art of their own personality, beautiful thing to convert (can convert), "human being" holding the highest level of consciousness (which) is the one who excels itself.
Tolstoy says: artist's task to those who sensed a clear danger not write the prescription of death, and to show the way out, "he says.
Ataturk "Craftsman does not kiss his hands; Craftsman's hand kissable!
art is one of the nation's lifeblood is cut off the rest. "So there.
The artist will lend us the eyes and ears. Spanish Proverb
Ignorance is the enemy of art. Ben Johnson
If the world is open, if it were not bright art. Albert Camus
Artist in both eyes is not enough. Lamartine
Art is in the universe. Artisans out there operate. Albrecht Durer
Art is man's recognition of his own humanity. Herbert Reata
The task is not to copy nature, art, nature will tell. Balzac.
In a country rather than intellect and art, worth a fortune if given, should be known that there are swollen bladder, head and was discharged .H. Friedrich
Art is a bridge that leads us to God. Ebers
What a game art, nor is it an entertainment. It, however, is the need to show his soul outside shooting. E. G. Benita
Art starts where imitation ends. Oscar Wilde
Donkey saddle will remain dead; human remains dead work (Turkish Proverb)
Art is hidden under a tuft of grass for those who know the secret. This is the secret of who do not know it, they think under a mountain ... (Arab proverb)
Here we read nice words about art.


Considering the heavenly book, which is seen in the Old Testament of the most extensive knowledge in the field of arts activities. Here Allah (SWT) Hz. Moses, the people He has been ordered to make a dwelling could worship and the dwellings in which technical and quality from what materials, how to book the details of that made him reported, all sizes, has described the essence of the work to be done till the shapes and colors.
The Qur'an is the last of the heavenly books-i Kerim picture, forbidding the execution of his sculptures and other art forms there is no expression.

"Look at God's paint. Who can hit better than Allah that paint? That's why we're the ones to worship Him. "(Al-Baqarah 2/13WHAT IS ART? WHAT TYPES OF ART? ISLAM'S VIEW OF ART OPENING is HOW? CRAFTS AND CRAFTS DAL for WHAT,.
"Heavens and the earth were created by a supreme wisdom. It has given way to you and the way you have created in the best way; return to Him "(Tegab the 64/3).
"He raised the heavens and the Balance (size and stability) laid" (Rahman 55/7).
"Verily We created man in the best form" (Tin 95/4).
"Then he slid into a regular shape, and blew into his own soul and ears for you, he has the eyes and hearts. You little thank you! "(Al-Sajdah 32/9).
"Surely there are signs for believers in the heavens and the earth" (Kneeling 45/3).

The studies mentioned verses of Allah (SWT) and the best way to create a universe of people stated that supreme wisdom and were pointed to the existence of a measure and balance in the nature of creation. Today 'golden ratio' known dimensions is created out of the best in a man's body measurements is reported. Quran in human ears, eyes and hearts were reminded that in the heavens and found signs indicating that given the signs for those who believe in and this is shown in the way of reading; This way the eyes, ears and hearts are going through.
After talking about the excellence of the things created by God Almighty, and it is calling on people to think deeply feel and understand the intricacies of the underlying excellence. Seeing there is nothing much to say to the eye. Head to head in a book universe, look and see who knows. Ears, hear this precise order of harmony and rhythm, as perceived by the eye of the spectacle was created to feel the music with them. Complacency is over, the crucible of the affection and even art. Volunteers pass through the filter have no work, he can not move the art of coquetry.
The Islamic concept of art itself is enough to understand the Holy Quran to look after himself. Qur'an with a theology inaccessible in terms of mastery of literary expression Quran in this area is a challenge. Quran, the challenge of "Let's bring a surah like his!" (Al-Baqarah 2/23) refers to the words. The same challenge applies to the hidden music in his voice. Calligraphy, illumination and bookbinding such as the Quran has developed around Bedia arts, aesthetics that are ready to save the world of art of Islamic civilization. (Dr. Aziz Doğanay)
If our Lord Prophet examined his life, how to have a life loaded with aesthetic sense understanding of the application are immediately noticeable. Ibn Sa'd narrated the following hadith constitutes a good example of this:
• Speed. One day the Prophet had gone to a funeral. kazılış seeing a slight error distracts the eye of Kabir ordered it promptly corrected. Someone asked him whether the discomfort it dead. He said, "In fact, such things are often neither dead nor give him comfort, but it is to look good in the eyes of the right," he said. (Dr. Aziz Doğanay)
• A few minutes later a tomb above ground to be covered, even seeking to eliminate a rough distracts the eye Hz. Prophet's saying is, it is essential to Islam's concept of art: "God is beautiful, and love." (Tirmidhi, Adab / 41; Muslim, Iman / 147) These principles are reserved in advanced fine detail around monotheism. God in order to capture these details (SWT) 's the way it is necessary to follow. (Dr. Aziz Doğanay)

Almighty God, the Prophet. After creating Adam he was taught the names of things. "He taught Adam all the names, then showed them to the angels and said, if you are on the right Give me the names of them (Al-Baqarah, 2/31.) He said. According to Ibn Abbas: "Almighty God, the Prophet. Adam was taught the names of expressed milk in a pot until it reaches the rough stuff. (Asim Koksal, Prophets History, London 1993, p. 33)
Hz. Adam, that you know the names of all goods Hz. Adam is the father of all professions can say. Hz. Adam down to earth after he began farming. Crops sown, after which it irrigate, mow it when the time comes, then he took him to heifers, which separates the chaff from the grain savurup wind and grind grains, make flour, knead bread dough made are mentioned. Also his blacksmithing, and make use of what it is reported that the iron blade. Hz. One of Adam's career is also building master. Although the general opinion Hz. Although the Prophet Abraham's direction. Adam has rumored to have built the Kaaba after reaching the earth. While building the Kaaba-i Sina Tour, Tour-i Zeitun has used stones from Lebanon and Mount Cudi. The foundation stone of the Kaaba in Mount Hira, taken from the tar. Hz. Adam, has circumambulate the Kaaba seven times after doing. Tabari Hz. Prophet Adam. Eve dresses with their texture, to Adam himself robe; Eve is given information about the shirt and kerchief tissue. Hz. Adam in this profession, as well as sakalık, Tanners, butchers, felt works are known to do. Also it Hz. Adam used the bow and arrow, the son of Abel and Cain knows that writing is taught 12 kinds of typing and is rumored to know 700 languages. As it has seen the Prophet. Adam first eye & face and goods in the application information by doing everything necessary to survive in the continuing has maintained recognizing the manifest.
Sources in Hz. Idris sew with the needle, sewing is practical sewing, wearing sheep wool felt from the people before his time, as well as the Prophet. Idris people with learning tailoring dresses and kaftans that are set upright. (At-Tabari, supra, C., p. 95) Source of the Prophet. Idris said word verse (Osman Keskinoğlu, ibid, p. 26), scales used, iron tools, cables, conductors, (Omer Faruk Harman, ibid, C 21, p. 480), weapons (Mustafa Necati Bursa, History of the Prophets, Istanbul, 1999, p. 46), bow and arrow (Osman Keskinoğlu, ibid, p. 26) does, but is rumored to write in the sand with it, what we do not have information about which he wrote as (4 Ibn Kathir, the Great Islamic History, CA . 1, trans .: Mehmet Keskin, Istanbul, 1994, p. 134). Also, astronomy, astrology, alchemy, chronology (AJ Wensinck sees, "Idris" Islamic Encyclopedia, Volume 5, Ministry of Education, Istanbul 1968, p. 934), medicine (Ahmet Agirakca Islamic History of Medicine, Istanbul 2004, p. 47 .) it has been engaged in the sciences.
Narrated from the Prophet. Noah's Ark is said to be a carpenter-MEK. Hz. One of the people of Nuh continue to believe not paying heresy Hz. Noah was commanded by God to ship "from someone else who had believed his people would never have believed, no longer makes the ship." (Hud, 11 / 36-37.) Has said. Hz. Noah's tree planting is rumored that after this order. But it does differ as to what the species of this tree in the hadith (al-Tabari, "Steel tree", ibid ,, C.1, pp. 113-114; Ibn Kathir, "Indian Plane Tree, Pine Tree" age "p. 152; the Bible "Gofer Tree" in Genesis 6:14.). Again, according to the information provided in the resource Hz. Noah's Indian Plane Tree planted overtake this tree for 40 years, the length of 30 ells (Throne: length measurement unit in Arabic, is approximately 68 cm. Distance from the elbow to the fingertips. Square Larousse, C. 2, ts, p. 133) recorded score (Abdullah Aydemir, ibid, p. 47). Hz. Iron nails while building an ark and is among the rumored use pitch (Asim Koksal, supra, p. 94) Hz. Noah's most noticeable feature of the Holy Koran is the master of the ship as well as expression.
Hz. Hud trading nearly edinmişti57 to earn lawful money. Hz. Hud deal was the merchant profession. (Nişancızâ, the Mir'at-i universe, C. 1, trans .: Faruk Mean, Istanbul, 1987, p. 143; Commission, supra, Volume 2, p. 82)
Sources in Hz. Saleh's trade (in Nişancızâ, ibid, p. 147) contend that, saddler (Saddlery: If etc. at the team makes and means selling people. Erdogan Merçil, ibid, p. 40), leather goods (Commission, ibid, CA .2, p. 86), saddle, sakkalık, and his eskicilik and is said to be hamamci (Ali Torun, ibid, p. 81).
According to Islamic sources Hz. Abraham's son Ishmael, but when it comes to the age of the victim is commanded to visit. Then the Prophet. Abraham built the Kaaba fixed relative to revlendiril and they built the Kaaba with his son Ishmael (Dilaver Gürer, supra, p. 158, 6 Ibn Kathir, supra, pp. 223- 224) Hz. Ibrahim and Prophet. Ismail, have built the Kaaba together. Those two from one couplet of the master and the other is that the stone was the one who provided the tools and equipment (Fahriddun-Razi, Tafsir-i Kebir Mefâtîhü'l-spirited, C. 3, trans .: Suat Yildirim Lütfullah Cebeci, Ankara 1988, . 445). According to the rumor mentioned in the Old Testament Prophet. Abraham went to the slaughterhouse where (place of sacrifice) was build (the Bible, Creation, 12/7.). Sources in Hz. Abraham Bezzaz (Bezzaz: Cloth merchant means a.), Grocery stores, butchers, cooks, bakers (Ali Torun, ibid, p. 285), felt and shoemaking his (Ali Torun, ibid, pp. 122,140,285.) Is rumored .
Sources in Hz. Ismail herding, hunting (Asim Koksal, ibid, p. 233), felt (Ali Torun, ibid, p. 286) and hallaçlık (Hallaçlık: Cotton is woven profession. See. Erdogan Merçil, ibid, p. 177. ) it has been reported with. Hz. Use your bow and arrow that the Prophet Ismail. Prophet has pointed out in the following hadith: "O Ishmaelites! Throw Arrow, the arrow shooter was your father. "(Bukhari, supra, Menakıb, 4) he has encouraged people to throw arrows.
Sources in Hz. Joseph watchmakers (Neset Jagatai, supra, p. 69; Joseph Planters, Ahi, Ankara 1991, p. 31) that are mentioned. Hz. When Joseph entered the prison had difficulty in determining the prayer times. Because it was dark dungeon. And it is difficult to distinguish between night and day. Thereupon Allah for the determination of prayer times, he has inspired Joseph to time. Thus the Prophet. Joseph was the one who first hour. Hours later spread from Egypt to the whole world (Mehmet Dikmen, Prophets History, Istanbul, 1985, p. 267)
Narrated from the Prophet. Moses Cone felt rugs from sheep's wool and is located in the tissue. Hz. Moses another Culluh of this profession (Culluh: Weavers. See. Erdogan Merçil, ibid, p. 1WHAT IS ART? WHAT TYPES OF ART? ISLAM'S VIEW OF ART OPENING is HOW? CRAFTS AND CRAFTS DAL for WHAT,, throws (Attar: people who buy Perfume, the other meaning is natural remedy that person. See. Erdogan Merçil, op .41.), gardener, and is expressed as a bookbinder sakkan (Ali Torun, ibid, p. 295).
Hz. David is rumored to be the zırhç (Saffet Sankaya, supra, p.90; Inspiration Tarus, supra, p. 27; Neset Jagatai, supra, p. 69). Koran Quran the Prophet. David his armor is expressed as follows. "And verily We gave David a rule our side. O mountains! His praise of his echoes with him and O birds and join his praise! (We said) and have shots of her iron yumu-: Wide armor made, weaving and do all the good work done sober. Because I see what I do! "I have revealed (Seba, 34 / 10- 11). Another ayetikeri Umeda Allah Almighty says: "David mountains and birds have resigned. They exalt with him. We do them. Him, we teach you to do battle armor to protect them from violence. But thank you that you? "(Al-Anbiya, 21 / 79- 80) Vehbi b. According to what is narrated from Münebbih: everyone who hears the sound of David comes to dance. His feet were cut off from the ground. Even the prayer that we hear in the Psalms of David was so beautiful I can not say it resembles reads. Psalms reading jinn, humans, and (birds) animals annealed around David's voice, and they just punched cards. Hz. David (a.s.) starts playing musical instruments and are able to hold the reader with it. In doing so, he wants to cry and cry. (Ibn Kathir, supra, p. 2) of the Prophet in the Bible. David lire (Lire: Body from the vertical two arms stringed instrument consists of a horizontal bar that combines these arms. Lire fingers played pulled or plucked. Home Brittanica, A.14, Istanbul 1989, p. 512) has been reported to play (Kitab- The Bible, "Samuel", 18/10.).
Hz. Solomon strengthen trade in the country, it has graced the palaces and mansions whether zoning Jerusalem. Hz. David's temple was built (the Holy Temple: Hz. David built Hz. Solomon yıktırıp is the temple of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, which again yapyır. Hz. Solomon began in the fourth year of his reign and completed the holiest shrine in the seventh year. Babylonians Jerusalem "they looted during the invasion and the oil that this temple, BC 537- 515 year was rebuilt. BC 20 years, has been rebuilt by Herod. AD 70 the Roman commander are you destroyed-because of the revolt of the Jews by Titus. this destruction remained part in only the eastern part of the Wailing wall. Wailing wall Hz to this day still. carries Herod architectural features, not the water-ley financing period. see. Ekrem Sankç to-son, ibid, p. 260; Wisdom Tanya, the "Wailing wall", DIA, C. 1, Istanbul 1988, p. 474 .; Winners Atasagun Divine Religions Religious Symbols, Konya, 2002, p. 81) destroying itself has built a magnificent temple (Ekrem Sankçıoğl, ibid, p. 260). Hz. Solomon, as well as zenbil knit professional fishing and polishing (Ali Torun, ibid, p. 25WHAT IS ART? WHAT TYPES OF ART? ISLAM'S VIEW OF ART OPENING is HOW? CRAFTS AND CRAFTS DAL for WHAT, His is also known (Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Divan-i Kebir, trans .: Abdulbaki Gölpınarlı, C. 4 Istanbul, 1959, p. 48 ; Erdogan Merçil, ibid, p. 146)
Sources in Hz. It passes that Zachariah was carpenter. Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet according to a rumor. The Prophet said: "Zechariah (a.s.) was a carpenter. He won the carpentry craft their own food "(Muslim, Kitab al-fedail, 2379.)
Sources in Hz. Eyyüp pass that was kazzaz. Hz. cloth binding the wounds tradition began after a Job (Ali Torun, G. A., p. 28WHAT IS ART? WHAT TYPES OF ART? ISLAM'S VIEW OF ART OPENING is HOW? CRAFTS AND CRAFTS DAL for WHAT,. Hz. We can assess Eyyüp silk weaving as an art ..
Sources in Hz. Jesus has been reported that the deal boyacılıkl. Hz. Prophet Jesus in the relevant rumor. Mary Hz for a shiners learning. Jesus gave as an apprentice to the painter: "This variety of clothes to paint painter accumulated and work out where the painting work clothes for painters meanwhile was left to Jesus. Painter Jesus: "These are clothes to be dyed in various colors. He's showing a yarn colors painted on their clothes. Until I finish my job this dress is boyayıv "he said. Christ, he filled them away clothes to the same well. After the dresses arrived to finish the job and asked that paints a painter. Christ said, "I paint," he said. He asked where the master suit. Jesus "At this well," he said. Master "Is that all?" He asked Jesus, "Yes," he said. Foreman, "You ruined all clothing" saying her angry. Christ gave him the answer as follows: "Do not rush out and saw them." Then the clothes out of the wells showed the master. Dresses were painted in the color requested by the master. Painter her fall stunned this case has certain provisions that it is Allah (Prophet in resources. It has been reported that Jesus boyacılıkl to deal with. Hz. In Jesus about rumors Hz. Hz to learn Mary painting. Jesus gave as an apprentice to a painter: "this variety of clothes to paint painter accumulated and this ranks clothes because it takes the work of the painters had left Jesus painting business. Painter Jesus:" these are clothes to be dyed in various colors. he's a thread shows the color they painted on clothes. I comes when done so this dress is boyayıv "he said. Christ, filled them away clothes to the same well. Once it finishes the painting work clothes asked that paints a. the Christ" Boyadým "he said. he asked where the Master dresses. Jesus" at this well, "he said. Master" All you? "he asked Jesus," Yes, "he said. Foreman," you ruined all clothing "saying her angry. Christ gave him the answer as follows:" Do not rush out and saw them. "Then dress showed his master out of the well. Dresses were painted in the color requested by the master. Painter fall stunned that his case has certain provisions that it is Allah (Ibn al-Prisoners, supra, p. 286 ..). Also it Hz. Jesus is engaged in commerce, (James Stalker, Jesus' life, trans .: IR. Suphi, Istanbul 1930, p. 25) baker and the shoemaker, is undergoing between resources that repair old shoes (Ali grandson, age, p. 302). In this case the Prophet. Jesus shows the relation between art and craft. Hz. Jesus heal the sick that sometimes the number of these patients are rumors that he found fifty thousand. They may come from the revenue side that are next to him, who could not come near him if he goes (at-Tabari, The History of Nations and the ruler, C. 3, Istanbul 1991, p. 871). His improve blind people affected by the buff and tawny disease among patients, lepers Omer Faruk Harman, supra, p. 116), deaf and dumb people (Omer Faruk Harman, text, contents and source terms Gospel of Barnabas, Istanbul 1994, p. 90, Ömer Faruk Harman, ibid, p. 116) had (Ibn al-Prisoners, op , C ,, s.286.). In this case, the Prophet. Jesus also shows that medical science ahead.
Quran Quran mentioned the name of the Prophet. zulkarneyn, is made to be able to earth by God, the song and the scroll garb, iron against Gog and Magog people and reported his sed copper (Al-Kahf, 18 / 96- 98, Ahmad Subhi Fuad, "qarnain" Encyclopedia of Islam Ministry of Education, C. 13, Istanbul 1986, pp. 650- 652.
Hz. medicine in many professions fulfills and the work done to ensure Lokman's livelihood (Suhayl Unver, Lokman Hakim Istanbul, 1972), carpets, rugs dokuyuculug of kadılık, tailoring, carpentry, shepherd (Muhsin Demirci, Surah Luqman and moral Advices, Istanbul 2002, p. 25; Mevlut Gungor, ibid, p. 169), tinker, mercantilism, quilting, (Ali Haydar Bayat, Lokman physician in Turkish Culture, Istanbul 2000, p. 2) farming, porter, (in Nişancıza, ibid , p. 358.) such occupations are counted. These statements Hz. Besides Lokman medicine shows that engaged in the artistic activities ..
Hz. Looking at the life of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.v shepherd and we see that he has pursued the merchant profession. Hz. Prophet has very little shepherd. Hz. The Prophet's Masjid-i Nebevi207'N himself working in the construction, we believe that he was informed about the construction of buildings. (The Holy Mosque of the Prophet. The Prophet's Holy Mosque, where he worked construction with his companions, two named Ansar from Sahl and Suhayl orphans were children started on the purchased land. move first base in nearly three cubits deep Prophet. the Prophet laid. this building stone from a single row of mud bricks on the foundation, a man surrounded by a perimeter wall as high as the height above was made to clearly an area of 60 x 70 ziralık . Qibla of the Prophet. the Prophet by which attempts to Jerusalem and the southern part of the mosque's east wall with three gates, Hz. Muhammed was created in two rooms for ladies. Qibla, 16 or 17 months after the emigration was turned towards the Kaaba direction from Jerusalem . simple and plain but extremely functional within the Masjid al-Nabawi, has been expanded with the new addition to the growing number of Muslims. see. Nebi Bozkurt, M. Sabri Küçükaşç the "Masjid al-Nabawi", DIA, C. 29, Ankara 2004, p. 282) (Mustafa Yildirim - Mohamed STEEL Selcuk University Faculty of Theology Department of Turkish and Islamic Arts Faculty ON ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES OF THE PROPHETS)

As you can see Almighty has ordered us to do always the most beautiful. Our Prophet has stated that we will achieve excellence as our Lord commanded. Sustenance is needed, to keep people alive. This provision is only possible to work only with art. All they are interested in art and sustenance of our Prophet have achieved the art.
Qur'an, knowing no one would do with those who do not? [39 Zumar 9] to those who know do not know if you have any questions. [An-Nahl 16, 43, 21 Anbiya 7] but scholars are afraid of God. [35 Fat 28] emphasizes the importance of the science of verse encourages learning and knowledge makes the definition of real scientists.
qualifications in real artist, rather than skill and mastery, demonstrated the art of love, enthusiasm and emotion and thought and sensitivity.
Artisans we examine the history of art until today, we see that the dignitaries:
Sultan Murad the Fourth (1612-1640): 17. One of Ottoman Sultan Murad the Fourth closely involved with poetry and music. Poetry of "Desire" is the pseudonym of summer. At the same time the fourth composer Murad "Shah Murad" There are close to 15 instrument and composing bearing the word pseudonym.

Sultan Mahmud it (1696-1754): 24. In the first era of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud has experienced one of the most vibrant and valuable period of Turkish music. It grows giant composers in this period. Mahmud which the composer himself "Sebkat" has been writing poems and works were composed by pseudonym. Only a few instrumental works from Bester has survived.
Sultan Abdulaziz (1830-1876): the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz 32. ney and lute player. The sultan has composed several instrumental and vocal works Şevkefza, the works he composed in Evcara and Muhayyer authorities have come up to the present day.
Sultan Mehmed first: Sagittarius and the beam master, "Kürüşç" was referred to by name.
Sultan Mehmed II: The Gardeners.
First Sultan Selim: The jeweler.
Suleiman the Magnificent: The jeweler.
Sultan Selim: it makes it prime for use in a crescent shape on the pilgrim path of the pilgrims.
Sultan Murad III: Arrow would do.
Sultan Mehmed III: Spoon is a master. special rings used by archers would do.
Sultan Ahmed: Spoon is a master. special rings used by archers would do.
Sultan Abdulhamid: it dealt with inlay and decorative arts.

And they are many more local artisans, we can see when we examine foreign dignitaries.


1. Practical art (craft):
Cooking, masonry, carpentry, professional wanting entered habits and mastery of our daily lives, such as weaving enter into this section. these things culinary arts among the people, the art of masonry, is called the art of carpentry. Here art statement, it is used according to the direction you want the job knowledge and skill. In fact, this kind of work manually or instrumental craft, called the artisans engaged in this work.
make a crate of wood, which is a practical art of carpentry. Made to decorate the chest by that business is an art.
2. Fine arts: the thoughts and emotions of our line, paint, art are others who feel the volume or sound as means of expression. Eyes look beautiful, ear-pleasing sound to announce, in a spirit of excitement aim to create beautiful art.

Fine art is divided into two parts in terms of the influence of emotions:

a. Visual arts (phonetic arts): Audio and verbally addressing our sense of hearing art is emotional.

b. Visual arts (plastic arts): Line, paint and perceive with our senses eye volumizing agents are formalist art.
Sculpture: the animated fantasy that exists in nature or existence of mud, wood, stone, is shaping art using materials such as metals.
Architecture: Residential, temples, structures such as monuments, in order to meet the sense of beauty is art configuration.
Image: Painting; drawing, made by scraping and suggestive, is touched by the way the community.
Theater, ballet and opera: It was a mix of audio and visual arts.
Photography, cinema: these are a branch of the visual arts.
Fine dealing with other art outside of art and information, those skilled "craftsman" is called.

pleasant emotions in people, feelings, thoughts and works of art are given names that develop the imagination.
1.Görsel (plastic) art work,
2.Fonetik artwork
3.Dramatik (rhythmic) to be divided into three.
Painting, architecture, sculpture, visual line;
Literature and music phonetic; theater, dance, cinema and the arts such as ballet are now among dramatic arts.


The purpose of the first works of art and not the benefits accuracy, it is beauty. Works of art describes people's thoughts and feelings. Informative and not objective. The artwork is unique and universal. for a work should be everyone's property which may be universal in having him or use him.


People's is an art of the production, including hobbies and activities with their own hands. Processing, made with more manual labor, such as decorations and delicately handled artifacts. A branch of the fine arts of crafts eye-straining, the sophistication, the long patience, the idea behind the heart is cast forth as art. Wood carving of pearl inlay, all in needlework and handicrafts are so dantelây. Wood, metal, glass work, pottery, gilt, decoration, ornamentation, all of miniature and decorative arts are considered in their crafts.
Today, the mechanization of everything, the advancement of technology, to go toward the destruction of sophistication, the popularity of the craft was partially reduced. In our country, especially in small towns and villages continues crafts still valid.
As a social community of people as we mentioned above, it is possible to have a certain income to survive. Today's technological advances developed in parallel with mechanization, but can stay up to speed crafts. If you do not have a particular educational qualifications are the only way out of the craft. When people are that's when mechanization began to succumb to unemployment and economic distress. With the development of technology are a result of mechanization employer boss turned their machine direction instead of workers. I should have been more choice of products cost less employer boss. According to the employers' labor costs, the biggest expense is the boss. Even so that energy costs used in the production sector is inconspicuous even next labor costs. But no one's come to mind are the following points. Most of the simple antique auctions antiques sold at auction when we look at things no one who produced handicrafts made by the machine stands out in contrast.
During the course of today's medical condition in parallel with industrialization, mechanization and go, depending on her head at the man threatening illnesses. Cancer, rheumatic gave heart disease, depression is the most dangerous diseases of our era V. S. ... ..) instead of natural raw materials used in production due to mechanization used synthetic products, chemicals are intended to destroy the almost human health.
People's enemy Iblis (Satan) "-You swear to you less, I will stop the people on your right way, you will not find most of the praise you! .. Earth evil will show them beautiful. Since the inception of servant you make Halis, I will mislead them all." (Al-Hijr, 15/39), saying that people had stink with their own hands, we learn the Koran. These days, I think it is indicative of those experienced. Industrial gases, I think we can evaluate all of these issues V. S. nuclear weapons.
Arts, crafts are recommended by psychologists as today's therapy

Here's crafts:

Weaving arts (fabrics, carpets, rugs, rug, sumac, felt); Processing Arts (needle now);
Knit Works (Crochet and lace, beads, crochet, bobbin case);
Metal Art (jewelry, glass art);
Woodworking Art;
Raw Stone who Crafts (Olt, Marble, meerschaum);
Decorative Artificial Baby; Leather Arts. coppersmith, polishing and carving, silverwork, sock knitting, and knife-blade production, psoriasis treatment, Çubukçuluk (Mouthpiece Productions), gold leaf, painting, stone carving, sculpture, Relief construction, Ebru making, ceramics production, V. S.
twist onto another technique applied in the crop stalks decorations or silk is wound.
Processing Art; silk, wool, linen, cotton, metal, etc.. yarns with various needles through embodiments; felt, leather, fabric and so on. embellishments made on materials, depending upon the shape of the needle; weaving the threads on the run (China needle, Romania needle, Crete needle, French knot, account needle, herringbone, silence, mercury scratch etc.,) weaving the threads pulling (cutwork embroidery, lungs pierced variations), weaving the threads of closing (take the steam, Jacobin throw, Maraş work, appliqué, beadwork, sequins work, etc.), binding yarns or woven fabrics (patchwork, dove eyes, Antep work, go work, etc.).

Surface Painting: All two-dimensional work of art, ie, a width and a length of the paper or canvas, are the art applied on a wall or fabric Picture and types (oil painting, watercolor, printmaking, posters, graphics, drawings), the wall painting, miniature, cartoons, photography, batik, decoration and so on.

Volume Arts: Three-dimensional art studies. For instance, sculpture, ceramics, such as monuments.

Space Art: Field of art are inside or regulate indoor or outdoor space. At first, including architecture (garden architecture, landscape architecture), the space for all the design work such as landscaping.

Language Arts: art, including literature and writing types are: novel, story, poem, essay, theater, text, film scripts and so on. as.

Sound Arts: Music and art are covering all genres: folk music, such as classical music.

Movement Arts: Man, are the expressive power of art that gives the body: ballet, dance styles, folk dance, pantomime and so on.

Dramatic Arts: Man's self or an event with expression turned into action, are the art that refers to a phenomenon: theater, opera, musicals, performing arts such as puppetry, theater, genre, such as shadow play can show as an example.


Decoration; in accordance with the intended use of our living in the most efficient, is held in aesthetic and artistic way. Decoration of what is available is to get placed in a particular match.
All of the objects that you use in decoration compliance varies according to the person. Where we use in the decoration of what would be better than fear.
Decorate the head while doing design most of the time. For example, if you are going to decorate a room in your head before you are laying then becomes how do you design so that room.
Decoration is easier. Because there are tangible things that will give you the idea. And what's less clear where that fits. Some things you can not put in another place already. Design is more difficult. For example, what will you have to design a building? "Empty land". This may sound all the land. It is up to the designer. Design is not just imagination in the same way that goes beyond the dream to be considered in the creation of it.
The decoration already existing design, product consists of bringing together, like a kind of puzzle. Rather than call a special design to bring together those who are ready in our hands we decoration.
Our design language, the word in English and French on "Design" word is used as money. Desing word is the Latin origin. Many definitions of design can be made. Now let's open design more broadly:


Design is a binding agent between the concept and perception. Objects not found a direct relationship with reality. Therefore, instead of the minutiae, it draws attention to important features. Design is to obtain information item. Because mental and sensory design design always affect each other. Therefore, rational knowledge is always teeming with sensory information. The real information thus formed.
Fine art design, is the creative process itself involves the preparation process of the work of sketches and plans that are required for activity.
Design a structure in itself, it must have a planning behind this structure. On the basis of all art has a design phenomenon. Designing action of any kind relating to the organization of the structure is to be formed into activity.


1 industrial design,
2 Eco-design
3 graphic design.
(See For further information: INTERIOR DESIGN AND THEY SAY ... RESTORATION AND CONSERVATION ON ... Isil Tuana - Mustafa Kemal Bektas)


raw materials of a design are:
1) Line: Straight or curved, continuous or cut may have a grainy or sharp features. Depending on the location or character lines can transmit certain messages. Vertical line: dignity. Horizontal line: recession. Curlicue: victory. Dialogue line: viability.
2) Tone
3) Color: Viewers also can evoke many emotions. Warm colors are stimulating, whereas cold colors have a calming effect.
4) Texture: If there is a formal arrangement based again on a surface there may be mentioned the existence of a tap.
5) Format: the coexistence of several lines, surfaces made up of different shades with a single line in the turns and curves are those elements that make up a design format.
6) Size: Design is always caused by a combination of visual elements have different and specific dimensions.
7) Direction: lines and dots on a design form a movement by focusing on different points. The designer will give the impact direction is obliged to direct the movement.

There are five basic principles of design.

1) Balance
2) proportion and visual hierarchy
3) visual continuity
4) Integrity
5) Highlight
five basic principles that should be kept in mind in the design work. Design preparing balance, proportion and should be a good highlight in visual continuity with integrity.
(See For further information: INTERIOR DESIGN AND THEY SAY ... RESTORATION AND CONSERVATION ON ... Isil Tuana - Mustafa Kemal Bektas)
Yes, dear friends to this day as a comprehensive art you spacious, crafts, I hope we gave a broad knowledge about the decoration. I hope our message out with art should be hung been detected. to be with you in my next article series goodbye with hope, friendly stay ..


Melike sudenur Bektas & Mustafa Kemal Bektas
Melike Varakçılık
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